Registration Agreement

We have very little patience for new users who do not read the forum rules.


Welcome to Furry Teens!  This site is a community for young members of the furry fandom (typically aged 13-20) to meet each other, develop a social network of their peers within the fandom, and learn about what it is to be a furry.  Our site is primarily geared toward furries, but all are welcome here!  You don't have to be a participant in the furry fandom to join.

While the target audience of this site is teenagers, there are some active members who are older.  Members who joined when they were teens are allowed to stay indefinitely, because we trust them, and they can lend their experiences to teach newer/younger members about the furry community.  We also allow some new members who are older than the target age, if they're trusted/respected in the furry community, or they're known to the staff.

For an explanation of what the furry fandom is, visit

Here are the rules of the site:

1.  You MUST be at least 13 years old to use this site!
Furry Teens is hosted in the US, which has a very strict privacy law regarding the collection of personal information from minors under 13, called the COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act).  Under this law, minors under 13 must have written parental approval to use a website that collects any sort of personal information (any forum, for example).  If you are under 13, check the "I'm Under 13" checkbox when registering, and you'll be given a copy of the form that must be filled out, and a postal address to send it to.  You'll also be given a phone number your parents can call if they have questions.

Anyone who lies about their age to circumvent this rule will permanently be banned from all sites hosted by Lupinia Studios.  It's not because we don't like you, but saying you're over 13 when you're not in order to bypass this rule is a massive legal liability for the site host and administrators.  If you did lie about your age, and you turn yourself in, you'll be given a copy of the form, and your account will be re-activated once it's returned.

2.  Respect the beliefs, ideals, opinions, hobbies, and identities of other members.
This is by far the most important rule of the site, but also the vaguest.  Basically, intolerance of any kind will not be permitted, including (but not limited to) age, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, nationality, political views, or other characteristics.

3.  This site is rated PG-13, and discussions must be legal.
Since Furry Teens caters to users 13-18, we have to keep the contents of the forum clean enough to match.  So, please avoid discussions, images, and media of an overly sexual nature, gratuitious violence/gore, or other obscene content.  Similarly, in order to keep the site from being shut down, do not post any material, or openly discuss any activities, that are illegal in the United States and/or in the state of Florida.  This includes drugs, underage smoking/drinking, software/music piracy, and other crimes.

4.  Flame wars will not be tolerated.
A flame war is a rapid, heated argument, and usually occurs when everyone involved has run out of constructive points.  These sorts of arguments have no useful purpose, and only serve to hurt feelings, so any thread determined to be a flame war will be locked, deleted, or otherwise dealt with.

5.  No excessive spamming.
This is a hard rule to define, especially since we have a forum especially for, well, spamming.  However, the spam forum is merely for entertainment value, and is not to be abused (posts to it don't count toward your overall post count anyway).  So, if you make an excessive number of irrelevant, off-topic, or useless (ie, blank, random characters, irrelevant images) posts in non-spam topics, disciplinary actions will be taken.

6.  No public accusations of staff misconduct.
Our staff members go through a rigorous training and screening process, and most have been members since the site was founded.  They are highly trusted to perform their duties in a professional manner without bias, and they are required to be as fair as possible.  If you have an issue with the behaviour or performance of a staff member, please do not post about it publicly.  Such accusations are very serious, and will be treated as such by the administrators.  Instead, send an email or private message to one of the administrators, and your issue will be handled confidentially by us.  We want to make sure everyone feels welcome here, but we also put a large amount of effort into recruiting and training the best staff members we can.

7.  You MUST have a valid email address on file at all times!
This is important!  We will never spam you or sell your email address, but to keep the site running smoothly (and keep bounced notification messages to a minimum), the email address in your account must be accurate.  This also means that we don't allow known "throwaway" email domains to be used when registering, or when changing email addresses.  Additionally, due to long-standing technical issues with AOL's mail servers, email addresses at,, and are also disallowed.

8.  You must be at least 18 to access the Mature sections of the site.
I know, it sucks, but it's another one of those legal liabilities we have to deal with.  Due to the nature of the material posted there, you must be at least 18 to access the mature areas of the site.  You may request access to the Mature areas by sending a private message to any administrator.

9.  One account per person
In order to keep database size under control, you may only have one account (unless approved by an administrator) as long as you're a member here.  Your display name can be changed at any time by you, and an administrator can change your username if needed, but you are not permitted to create a second account for any reason.  If, for some reason, you are unable to login to your existing account, creating a new one is not an acceptable alternative.  Submit a ticket at to have your existing account fixed, it may be something as simple as an email address correction (see rule 7).  If you do create a second account, it will be deleted, and any posts you made with it will be re-allocated to your existing account.

10.  The Teen Health board is not a substitute for your doctor
While this section of the site exists to discuss mental and physical health issues, and our members are capable of giving helpful advice in these matters, please note that this is a forum for teens, not a medical forum.  No FT member, present or future, is qualified to give medical advice or make medical diagnoses.  Do not use this forum, or any internet forum for that matter, as a substitute for seeking proper medical advice/treatment from a qualified professional.  If you have a medical condition, problem, or question, seek the advice of a trained and qualified professional.  Any posts determined by the staff to be serious, critical, or life-threatening medical conditions will be locked immediately, and the only advice given will be "You need to contact a doctor/psychologist/medical professional about this".