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General Chatter / Re: Is anyone here into conlanging?
« Last post by Call me Sam for short on Today at 09:48:14 am »
I've tried to make other languages, but I never get far. Can't get into the habit of writing stuff down
Reviews / Re: Rate the Last Movie You Saw!
« Last post by Call me Sam for short on Today at 09:46:38 am »
watched the recent thor, it was pretty good
New Members / Re: Back From the Abyss!
« Last post by Call me Sam for short on Today at 09:45:04 am »
New Members / Re: Hai!
« Last post by Tiez Silvertail on Today at 09:15:45 am »
Hello! We might not have been here in a while but it's been a bit since I've met a plush anything! It's nice to meet a fellow plush, even if I haven't used mine in over a year :fox-:P:

You're always welcome here and I hope you enjoy it here! Do you have a favorite show or movie?
New Members / Back From the Abyss!
« Last post by Tiez Silvertail on Today at 08:49:33 am »
From dating one of our moderators to meeting a new love in another continent, getting a new best friend, and losing many old ones; a lot has happened in the time I've been gone. So here's a scream into the universe, that I'm still here, still alive and kicking.

Not really sure where to start, but I guess it's best I just ramble and maybe when I'm on break at work I can tidy this all up.

Well I'm 19 now, just barely still a teen, butt I'm still keeping on. I've got this great job working with a labradoodle breeder! The hours are abysmal, 60 hours a week with twelve hour days, but I get to work with animals constantly and there's so much to do it never feels like time is dragging out. I've even adopted one of our pups that wouldn't sell (poor thing was born with a detached retina so she's half blind, but she's as playful and happy as any puppy and you couldn't tell she was half blind unless if you covered the bad eye) and I might post a few pictures later if I can get her to hold still long enough for one :fox-:P:

For some dumb reason I keep finding dates further and further away. First it's Illinois, then it's Ohio, and now I'm off to the UK, but I've got a good feeling about this guy, we both came from bad relationships and have maybe a little too much in common :lol-fox:

Still doing my paintings, and still don't have a scanner to actually be able to upload my traditional arts. I've been trying out oil painting and omigosh it blends more than watercolour it's impossible to use!!! :fox-:P:

Aside from that, I'm still doing Pokemon and am proudly a top player of the PU tier competitively, was #8 on the leaderboard for a solid twenty minutes! I'm also doing that Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links game and am just a few card packs from having a good deck  :fox-:P:

Well,I hope everyone is okay, and I hope anyone from years past still remember me kinda!
General Chatter / Re: Late night thoughts?
« Last post by Dr. Noon on Today at 05:45:14 am »
I just noticed when I'm sleepy, I talk to myself a lot more than normal.
Those are rookie stats, i talk to myself all of the time
I used to do that all the time back in Japan, I had lil debates with myself when bored. I didn't have anybody else to talk to but myself whoops-

Do you ever just want to tell sombody you like them but you have no idea how to? Or if it would even work out in the end? >p>
Artwork / Re: Artist Rants
« Last post by Vanilla The Fennec on Today at 03:48:52 am »
my eraser has gone to fucking whoop whoop
Artwork / Re: Artist Rants
« Last post by FloofLord on Today at 02:16:36 am »
i cant motivate myself to finish art i've already started even though i want to ahhhg whyyy
General Chatter / Re: Is anyone here into conlanging?
« Last post by Corley The Fox on Today at 01:44:30 am »
I actually have to make another languages. I am writing a book and I just have to placw there different language for each nation (there is a lot of them).
General Chatter / Re: Guilty Pleasures?
« Last post by Konba on Today at 12:55:11 am »
Ancient Aliens. It's so bad it's good.
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