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Pet Plaza / Re: Dog Thread
« Last post by Donny on Today at 06:01:30 am »
I am sorta on the big dog owner train as well
I have a Siberian husky named Zeke! He has two different colored eyes which make him stand out. One blue, one brown. He isn't the best at being a guard dog I'll tell you that XD (The poor boy is scared of everything)
I love him just the way he is though. Coward and all! :3
General Chatter / Re: The Watering Hole (A personal message to FT)
« Last post by Donny on Today at 05:43:42 am »
I'm sorry you guys had unpleasant days as well.
And that's horrible Tiez! What was that person thinking? Who you date is none of their  business. The best advice I can give is to just ignore this person the best you can and block them out whenever they start to invade your personal life.  :pawheart:

@Filmfox- Oh no. Why is your mother concerned about your hobbies? If you like doing the hobbies you have, that's all that matters. You seem like you have plenty of hobbies to me. The furry community, karate, and watching films upcoming and past. Those are three great hobbies right there!!  :fox-:):
My day was pretty bad, too. Was being driven home by a coworker, and they had the audacity to ask how I could justify dating a boy when the Bible speaks out against it. Like...  Ugh.  First, I'm female, there's just a few specific things keeping me from the actual stuff like hormone therapy, and second, why should I give a damn about what your book says I don't need you implying my relationship is inherently wrong.

And i went out to buy new phone styluses at the store, come home and dad's immediately like "you know your old stylus is in the car" like great thanks for telling me when we were in the store together shopping and you watched me check out

And based on everyone else's day, I just gotta ask: why are parents so silly especially on weekends?

And yeah, you gotta show us!!
Reviews / Re: Rate the Last Movie You Saw!
« Last post by FilmFox on Today at 12:52:24 am »

Really good sci-fi thriller that keeps you guessing and thinking. Also definitely an allegory. Not quite as good as Ex Machina (the writer/director’s previous film) but still really good
General Chatter / Re: The Watering Hole (A personal message to FT)
« Last post by FilmFox on Today at 12:44:55 am »
Awww that sounds horrible. Sorry that your day didn’t go too well. Idk what to say exactly except that I’m sure your sister didn’t mean it and I hope you get your ears pierced soon.

My day was eh. My mom gets upset when I’m on my phone and thinks that I don’t have enough hobbies, then she started freaking out and crying. That was fun... Besides that I just hung out with a friend and saw a movie

(PS. When you do get them pierced, you gotta show us)
Artwork / Re: Sugar’s 2018 Art
« Last post by Sugar on Today at 12:08:21 am »
I can’t draw hands either lol
Artwork / Re: Sugar’s 2018 Art
« Last post by Omaha on Yesterday at 11:49:14 pm »
Your art is so great! I've always loved the way you draw facial expressions.

and i'm just in the corner
"how draw hand"
General Chatter / Re: Late night thoughts?
« Last post by Omaha on Yesterday at 11:45:44 pm »
What if I was a staff member?......Nah, that would end up in disaster (0_0)
aigdaifuyagf8aieyufg now I'm having flashbacks to me sending a mod application when I had only been here for a month uuuggghhhhh
General Chatter / Re: The Watering Hole (A personal message to FT)
« Last post by Donny on Yesterday at 10:23:12 pm »
I'm doing great. Earlier today was a bit nerve-wrecking though. I had this major anxiety attack. My family decided to have a get together and invited family friends along with family members who don't come around often. So, there were a lot of people at my house (which is already a bit of a Hell-hole nowadays). I didn't know anything about this so I was taken completely by surprise. I panicked, refused to leave my room, and basically hid there like a the terrified child I am. Eventually I came out of my room and forced myself to speak to the guests that were here.
After the little "party" or whatever you would call it, my mother decided she needed to put more stress on me and claimed I broke my promise to clean out her car. I told her yesterday I would have it done by next Friday. The reason why I offered to clean her car btw is because I want to go get my ears pierced and that costs $20 at our local tattoo/piercing shop. She would give me the money to go get that done and it would all be good.
But no! She accused me of being a liar and told me I said I would do it today and added that my dad was not happy with me because I didn't "keep my promise".
So, my mom and I are not on good terms as of now. And to make things worse, my youngest sister told me she no longer liked me because I was a jerk all the time to her.  :sad-fox:
Which devastates me! Sure, I may be a little bossy to her and I admit I shouldn't be that way, but......"A jerk!" Am I that bad?

Anyways, it's okay now. I've been drawing and listening to music for the past couple of hours to settle my
 mind down.
How has everyone else been?
General Chatter / Re: Fursuits
« Last post by Donny on Yesterday at 09:42:13 pm »
I would love to have a fursuit, but I do not have either the money to buy, nor the crafting abilities to make myself one.
Plus knowing my parents, they would probably just make fun of me or tell me no about the entire thing.   :|
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