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General Chatter / Re: Today I learned/TIL
« Last post by Omaha on Yesterday at 02:17:50 pm »
til there is a town in new york state called mexico.
There's also a town in Michigan called Hell. Haven't been there, but it's frozen over several times.

TIL I could possibly make a pocket-PC with a Raspberry Pi Zero W and an Altoids tin.
General Chatter / Re: Today I learned/TIL
« Last post by jello_magmortar on Yesterday at 01:45:48 pm »
til there is a town in new york state called mexico.
General Chatter / Re: What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
« Last post by Donny on Yesterday at 01:21:43 pm »
I spent way too much time awake last night.
General Chatter / Re: Hi does anyone watch anime
« Last post by milkii on Yesterday at 12:41:41 pm »
Oh boy, I've seen quite a few anime. Recently I watched Devilman Crybaby which was fantastic in my opinion, though it was a bit fast pasted. I've watched the precursors to the newest Devilman as well and they were good too. I plan to read the manga next.

I've also been watching The Ancient Magus Bride, which is also very good and has beautiful visuals.

Does anyone have any recommendations for animals to watch? I like horror, thriller, fantasy, and the like though I'll give anything people say is really good a try.

I recommend Madoka Magica, I'd probably consider it a mix between fantasy and horror !!


I really like Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, and I'm currently watching Re:Zero.
Perfect Blue isn't a show, but I still love it.

Ahh I watched Miss Kobayashi's dragon maid a few days ago, I really loved it !!

I re-watched some episodes this morning  :blush-fox:

Also, I watched Wolf Children recently, it was amazing and far exceeded my expectations

General Chatter / Re: Fursona (Furry persona)
« Last post by Floof Poof McGee on Yesterday at 11:28:32 am »
Name of fursona: Omaha Húsavík
Specific Animal/Breed: Blythe Cat (species by Quinn)
*Anthro/Feral: Anthro, but could be drawn as feral
Coloring/Markings: Ref coming soon!

Artwork / Re: quinn's krazy katastrophe art section
« Last post by Floof Poof McGee on Yesterday at 11:23:26 am »

Persona ref! Finally. I used a thicker line, i like how it works with my style.

what is wrong with bulldogs?

I've just never liked em, I guess. Too slobbery.
General Chatter / Re: How'd you choose your fursona's name?
« Last post by veqlargh on Yesterday at 08:22:05 am »
Well, my name is merely devil in Klingon. For I am one, and it's more powerful when it's in an alien language.
So I like to tinker with old or broken electronics, and I just so happened to find a broken boom box, a deteriorating fan, some baling wire, and a broken steam mop. I had put these things together in a manner where they all functioned off of one AC adapter. I pretty much made a portable sauna with an auxiliary speaker attached to it. I turned it on in my bedroom, and about 10 seconds later my parents are in my room asking me "Did you make a tear gas grenade? Why are you like this? Make it stop!" I spent about 20 minutes explaining to them that I spent an entire day making a sauna.
General Chatter / Re: Today I learned/TIL
« Last post by veqlargh on Yesterday at 08:04:27 am »
Today I learned the importance of owning up to past and/or shortcomings.
Artwork / Re: Free to use lineart
« Last post by Dino The Puppy on Yesterday at 06:12:31 am »
Anyone have a chibi-ish cow base? ^^
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