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General Chatter / Re: what's the weather there?
« Last post by jello_magmortar on Yesterday at 10:26:36 am »
it was raining a bit earlier
General Chatter / Re: Favourite Fictional Characters
« Last post by jello_magmortar on Yesterday at 10:15:09 am »
this may answer your question....

also many others from the same or other series

i am looking for a dedede and waluigi plushie
General Chatter / Re: How'd you choose your fursona's name?
« Last post by ❤ Monarch ❤ on Yesterday at 10:15:03 am »
I chose Pecan Brownie b/c of the desert aspect that matched my sister's as well as her fur coloring. I also really think the name fits her personality.

I chose Monarch's name not only because of the obvious, but also it's double meaning as like, royalty or hierarchy. Mona is a drama queen.

Ren's name came from a list of different names all related to plants or flowers. I think it came from this flower called Renanthera.

Lastly, Zesta's name came from lemon zest, of course! I also thought it sounded robotic.
General Chatter / Re: How'd you choose your fursona's name?
« Last post by horvabarna on Yesterday at 10:08:18 am »
I chose Aida because I thought it sounded cool and fit the character. As for the origins, I'm a big fan of old electronics and I used to (and still do) spend a lot of my time on electronics fromus that discuss old electronics, and around the time I was trying to name him I came across this radio reciever, and I thought "that's a neat name"
General Chatter / Re: How'd you choose your fursona's name?
« Last post by jello_magmortar on Yesterday at 09:59:08 am »
milkyway was both for the candy bar and for the galaxy.

for the last name wishes, it just sort of came to me. i did not know why at first. then a few days later i realized "oh wait kirby super star"
 and wanted to change it, but it grew onto me so i kept it.
General Chatter / Re: What three words best describe you?
« Last post by jello_magmortar on Yesterday at 09:54:38 am »
quiet, unpredictable, thinker.
General Chatter / Re: How'd you choose your fursona's name?
« Last post by Kipekee Reddington on Yesterday at 09:36:52 am »
Kipekee means "unique" in Swahili, which I thought was the word that described me best when I created her. Her last name is nothing special lmao, just a combination of her breed/hair color and the common "ington" ending because IM GREAT at naming things.

Tabbystar was originally a Warriors OC so that's why her name is so weird. "Tabby" is after her breed (wooaah I'm so original) and "star" is the suffix for leader cats in the Warrior series. She was the leader of "MoonClan" in her original canon XD

Daniel Tracy is heavily inspired by Ciel Phantomhive and Alois Trancy so I chose names that were similar.

Passion is probably my favorite name for any of my characters since it fits her so well, after her passion for music.

"Crooked nose" is the literal translation of my real life name. 0.0 So, I was like "hey, that could be a Warrior Cat name!" So I made an OC out of it XD Storywise though, she's named for her bent nose.

I made Rose as a sister counterpart to an old friend's OC, a FNAF-loving fox named Lily. So, I made mine a FNAF-loving fox that was also named after a flower. Her fur color is rosy pink, so that's a reason too. I'm no longer friends with that Lily person anymore, and since then Rose has a new sister called Cherry for her cherry-red fur and just because it's darn cute. Idk, I imagine the two having a relationship like Katniss and Prim/Rue. Besides that, the name Rose doesn't fit her at all since she is NOT graceful, serene, beautiful, or feminine in any traditional way. XDD

Mackerel is Tabbystar's brother, so naturally, he was named after his breed as well. XDDDDDDD

Firewind is another Warrior Cats name. "Fire" is the really defining part of her name since it captures so much about her. She has flame-orange fur, is meant to be stereotypically ""hot"", and just has a very fiery, passionate, feisty, and fierce personality in general. As for "wind", it doesn't say much about her, but I wouldn't give up that suffix for the world. I guess while her "primary element" is fire, air would be her secondary. When creating her I guess I named her that for her speed or something, but mostly it just sounds really nice with "fire."

Nicael is literally just jibberish. Jibberish makes for the best demon names. Or dragon names. Or any mythical creature name. He was ironically named Tom at first soooo

Kirby is a very gluttonous character, she really loves food, and will eat anything, no matter what it is. I found this trait similar to the video game character Kirby and named her after it.

Kitkip Mikaoo has six letters in each name because she was originally a Homestuck fantroll. I wanted her to represent me in the Homestuck roleplaying community (a time short lived lol) so I gave her a name similar to Kipekee's. One half is "kit", the word for a baby fox, and then "kip" for obvious reasons. And it's literally one letter from "KipKip", sooo. As for Mikaoo, it's a scrambled version of "okami" (Japanese for wolf) with an extra O tacked on. She's not related to wolves at all but AYYYYY CANINES

Rayne Luiinali is just Rayne because it sounds edgy. She's sister to Sol Suiinali and together they are a night-and-day duo. Sol represents daytime, so Sol is Latin for sun and "Su" from her last name is also taken from "sun." As for Rayne, she represents night, so "Lu" in her last name is taken from Luna, Latin for moon. Anyways, "-iinali" is just jibberish.

Drake Drew is a lizard. "Drake" is a draconic sounding name, and dragons are pretty similar to lizards, so I thought it fit. Besides it also sounds like the name for such a "cool guy" like him. As for Drew, it just sounded nice together and the name Joey Drew from BatIM was stuck in my head.

Greyson Nodieah is Greyson for obvious reasons- gray fur and a grumpy personality. "Nodieah" is made up of the letters from "anhedonia" which is a condition he suffers from.

Bahari Maua literally means "ocean flower" in Swahili, which are both things she loves very much. It also kinda describes her personality, "ocean" since water is calm and so is Bahari, and "flower" for beauty and femininity.

Geez that was way too long
Artwork / Re: 2 OCs for sale!!
« Last post by Quinn on Yesterday at 08:11:25 am »
sure, i'd love some art of quinn. after you pm it to me, cosmo is yours!!
Artwork / Re: robin's art thread
« Last post by wayward wind on Yesterday at 06:57:13 am »
aaaa thank you everyone for the nice comments,,,
i've been drawing for like a longggg time, but didn't take it seriously until 2015 :fox-:P:

also i did some commissions recently! haha you'll see why i don't use color often

Here's an older one:

if anyone's curious about some of my human pieces or something,,, most of my better coloring/linework aren't of furries ;w; i cant post those sometime
General Chatter / Re: How'd you choose your fursona's name?
« Last post by Gillette on Yesterday at 05:16:21 am »
Tots - Spots but Tots.
Skylar - I've loved the name Sky since I was a kid, so Skylar seemed like a good name.
Poxi - Named after Pockys, the candy.
Mar - Marzena, Polish for dreams. I shortened it to just 'Mar' because I used to go by that name, since I don't exactly like my full name. I had her share that trait with me.
Abigail Matha Noon - I thought of a normal name, one you'd actually see someone having. I couldn't help but to add in the Noon bit though   :fox-:P:
Pink Lemonade - I'm an addict. Raspberry tea and Pink Lemonade all the way~
Aislinn - It means dream, or a vision. Seeing as Ash is stuck in the clouds 24/7, I thought the name to be appropriate.
Gillette - A while back I was looking up some old French names for a school project and thought Gillette was a pretty name. Although it's a male-given name, I thought it sounded quite a bit like Juliet.

And that's all! At least, all for now.  :fox-;):
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