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Mabinogi anyone?
« on: February 11, 2011, 07:02:07 pm »
I've been thinking for a while and I wondered if anyone here ever played or heard of Mabinogi?

For those who don't, its a Fantasy/Social game. With lots of quests, side missions and jobs. Unlike any other game, Mabinogi dosint have class systems, instead you can learn any skill you want. There was a new system added a few months ago called the Destiny system, where you can pick a class, and the certain skill for that class will recieve extra boost, EXP and points. You can still use other skills and learn them, they just wont have the boost or you can just not pick the Destiny system. I found out that people who buy character cards and rebirth their characters have the option to pick. I think the system is useles but thats just me.

There are three races, Giant, Elf and Human. Both the elves and giants are at war, the humans can join wich ever side or stay netrual.

The human race have alot of skills, although they lack important skills like Healing(Unless taught) and are able to equip two swords, they have the ability to turn into a Dark Knight or a Paladin.

Elves have good mana, able to run much faster then a human and giant, spam two arrows, and go Falcon Mode. A bit weak in melee but training your elf in that field will make it stronger.

Giants have really good stamina, run faster then a human, able to carry large weapons, Giant-Allied Humans and go Beast Mode.

I really suggest making a human, you can join and leave both fraction. You also get a free giant or elf character card. Or you can just make a character(I'm not sure if the free premiume srvice is still in place for new peeps) More info here:
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