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I have an idea, because I keep on seeing a whole bunch of threads that have the same type of theme going on around here.

Since we have a fairly large artist population here, we could have a critique/advice thread of sorts. It can go from feedback to hardcore in depth critique.

I think that you should post your art--this includes any sort of artistic endeavour: music, writing, art, crafts, photography, whatever--and then the level of critique you want. (However, if it's something large you might want to post a link.)

Light feedback ---> hardcore critique

I think people are competent enough to make up their own terminology.

However, I think this could also go for other artistic things, such as advice. Like for me, I know that I sometimes have questions about whether something would look better one way or another, or if just general advice type things.

That can be the other aspect of this, just an easy place to get questions answered.

I think this can be a place where we can all help each other.

I love the idea of this thread. I was actually wondering about making a 'critique' thread where people can have their art reviewed by a bunch of different people, so this idea is totally cool with me.

I'm not an artist by any means but I'd be glad to help out. <: I've got a couple of things I'd like to post up too, later on.

Perhaps this would be a good sticky thread? Idk.

Hmm... I like this idea. Let me ask the other staff of what they think of stickying it.

Edit: Stickied! This thread will be monitored though. If it goes from criticism to purposely making people upset then it'll be removed.

Great idea! I'll lurk around for all your hardcore critique needs. 

For one, I can't believe I got something of mine stickied, and for two, I think I'll start this thing off if everyone else is afraid to.

Let me find something I'd like advice on.



I never do traditional art, because I'm just extremely new to it--I found out that tablet pens existed so I bought one.

So I've been working my way back slowly through figuring out this traditional thing.

This is a fairly old piece, but I would like some critique on it. Just on my oil pastel work in general.

I would like medium critique, don't like tear it apart or anything--mainly on the coloring, but you can go ahead and point out some lining flaws, although I'm not as interested in those. No redlines wanted.

But I'd also like to hear some feedback on the character design. Is it unique? He's a quetzal, and one of my main comic characters.


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