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New Router
« on: April 08, 2011, 03:58:48 pm »
Okay so I've decided to upgrade our internet plan and router (along with all the other systems in our house) but need some advice on the router part.

The main things I'll need the router for are;
Main internet surfing for a laptop (laptop downstairs is normally used for email, news and youtube)
Advanced internet surfing (lots of flash, videos, images and codes)
1080p streaming over a home network
high download speeds
fast ping time for gaming
atleast 300 mb/s router
must have a gigabit plug
And it is nice to have a dual frequention router so that one of our game consoles and the laptop don't block each other.

My first choice was a Netgear wndr 3700, but I've searched for a bit and saw that the netgear wndr 4000 is already out in the states.
But I could also go for the Linksys e4200 because this one is availble in my country and has a 450 mb/s connection.
I prefer Netgear but would like to know what you would choose!

Thanks in advance ^_^
P.s. I used the search button but didn't find any results, if I'm wrong please correct my mistake ><