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Wargaming, my personal thought.
« on: June 16, 2011, 06:25:05 pm »
So seeing as this is my first post I decided that I would like to cover somthing that I really enjoy. Wargaming. This will probably explain it better than I ever could (the company in the video is definatly not the only company but they are the only company to make a video about it). As you can probably tell already it is deffinatly not for everyone. Anyway, I have been into it for several years now and in that time it has become very close ot my heart. It helps me meet new people and encourages me to be much more social, The hobby side of it is very enjoyable for me and I take great pride in my work. The gaing side of it is enjoyable aswell, unlike video games, it encourages good sportsmanship and is much more sociable. The only downside I can see is the cost, but the way I see it is, other people spend money on clothes and phones and things whilst I spend my money on Models and books.

So anyway onto the actual games I play

Firs of is my personal faviroute- Warhammer 40,000- I grew up playing this and I pretty much cannot picture life without it. I have read all of the novels and even entered several competative tournaments. I also like to do my own artwork and stuff.

Warmachine- This really appeales to my love of steampunk. I really enjoy this and to me the models are fantastic.

And finnaly - Malifaux
Malif- what?
Malifaux (mal-i-fo). Is a game I have recently been trying out and getting to know quite well, it is a relativly new game but has already become quite popular. It is a very gothic game that mixes: western, horror, steampunk, comedy and other things into 1 game. The background is interesting and the models look great, and it is just a skimish game. I cannot wait to see where this goes in the future.

So anyway that is my thoughts on wargaming, it is not for the majority of people but it does have alot of people playing it. Love it or Loath it I do not care, this is my reveiw and I enjoyed writing it.

Thanks for reading.