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I'm about ready to be able to save money again.
I visited an old link and discovered the site had a very nice upgrade.
onefurall.com is where I plan on commitioning my fursuit when I'm done saving.
I'm planning on a halfsuit, but it's gonna be so awsome.
I'm gonna start preparing some art to sell on furbid.
But just to help.
My mother would kill me if I sold my les paul guitar.
It list for $1000. too bad cause that would realy help.

Who else has one, fursuit, or realy wants one?

Taris Quickpaw:
eh, i would rather have Real fur over a fur suit..  ^^  wouldnt we all.  I just wear the tail cause it's fun, but the fur suits are far too much work and money to use...  =/


*thinks* wonder if my prints would sell on furbid...

I'll check out that site once i get home. I'm just a little curios now :fox-:P:

Simba Wula:
I actually just prefer wanting to wear paws, tail and ears over a fursuit because like a fursuit kinda restricts you a bit when you think about it. But I still wouldn't mind trying out a fursuit one day.


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