Author Topic: A Note About Character Design, From An Artist  (Read 8229 times)

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Re: A Note About Character Design, From An Artist
« Reply #20 on: January 02, 2016, 08:57:14 am »
I feel so at ease knowing there are other people who believe unique for uniques sake is an atrocious concept. Outlandish, unusual design has it's place in spicing things up, I won't argue. Two tails can be cool, Reindragons are awesome. I love creativity in Fursonas, and Original Characters, and being an avid roleplayer in a lot of communities, I always get super chuffed about what cool or unique things my partner might have done with their character to make them shine. And then...the antlers appear, and the wings, and the demon blood, and the scales and the heterochromia and I just want to strangle them because they become a response time liability, while I can describe my MLP OC or recently drawn Fursona in a paragraph, this person has to write a novella about their ridiculous cobbling together of body parts that, to me, seems more like a frankenstein's monster than something I want to roleplay or even talk with. And then, as the Opening Post said, you get the special unique snowflakes complaining about how such and such didn't do their character right. It makes me sad.
Part of the reason my Fursona is an Arctic Fox with really minimalist uniqueness (A bit of blue fur colouration) is because, hey, I can still make this character unique by defining him through his actions, traits and personality, which is how everyone should define uniqueness first, I think. If it puts into perspective why I dislike the special snowflake thing. I take 10 minutes tops to settle on an OC colour scheme,and another 5 or so for species/race. I was hanging out with one of the people who needed their OC to be super unique in every way and it took them 2 or 3 hours just to pick the colour scheme. Before they backed out and decided, no, this ridiculously over the top purple, orange and green scheme is not unique enough. I stopped hanging out with them at that point, and have no idea how long the rest of the colouring and species mangling took them, and frankly I don't care.
I want to be very, very clear though, I love unique designs, and I don't see anything wrong with wanting some unique appearance traits, but sacrificing any of a characters meat to make a sparklysequin reindragonparrotfoxwolfhuskycat rainbow makes me cry at the wasted potential.
And to touch on what almost everyone else has stated in this topic, I have always had the impression that a fursona was supposed to be an avatar, a second skin in the Fur community, and seeing the sort of...noisy...that's the word I am going to use here, the noisy bodies and designs some of the Fursonas have, all I though was. "Narcissus is a furry. Hide all your pools of water."

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Re: A Note About Character Design, From An Artist
« Reply #21 on: January 02, 2016, 09:04:30 am »
I still like my fursonas to be unique (i do like that surrealist fantasy feel) cos I want them to be interesting to myself, but I don't usually spend to long designing them as I like them to be spontaneous ideas. Saying that i'm spending a while designing my pony oc. But overly complicated designs can be hard to draw, that is true. There is nothing wrong with rainbow dogs if that is what the designer likes but doing it for the sake of uniqueness only is dumb, it has to resonate and many rainbow designs are kinda badly done. I personally like things with fantasy feel ha ha. Maybe i'll design a rainbow dog soon, or rainbow dolphin....  :fox-;):
Oh talking of dogs and wolves I really like Lupisvulpes designs (just saying)
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Re: A Note About Character Design, From An Artist
« Reply #22 on: January 05, 2017, 12:14:08 am »
"Narcissus is a furry. Hide all your pools of water."

Not sure why, but this made me laugh pretty hard.

And out of context, it will be even better.
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Re: A Note About Character Design, From An Artist
« Reply #23 on: June 12, 2017, 01:51:33 pm »
To add to an ancient discussion since people are in the mood for creation, and because this is a type of subject I think, while not necessary, is sometimes helpful to review, less for the... Argumentation against over design and more for the cautioning and advice given within.

As someone who has officially created a fox-fish-bird hybrid, and fully intends now to continue using him, sometimes the ridiculous over the top stuff can be fun. You just got to.... Take it in measure. I'll admit, the majority of my characters? Magical mythical creatures, usually with emphasis on shape shifting abilities, if they were wearing clothes at all, it was usually outlandish medieval asian clothing, and my personal one had unusual coloration. But, in a way, she was what properly represented me, I found Kitsune, I stuck my love of artic foxes and silver to her and made her white on silver with silver hair, and my love of green to give her green eyes. My love of japanese mythology, ancient times, and asian culture, brought together her species and her style of dress, and while she was a shapeshifter, more often then not? I loved her as a fox/anthro fox/human of an ambiguous number of fluffy tails.

I guess my point is.... There's nothing wrong with having fun with designs, god knows (no offense meant) that several of us have winged, horned, pink and purple and white balls of fluff that look like furry dragon balls of cotton candy. The point of a fursona is... Less to make them unique, and more to make them.. You. Because in the end, most of them end up pretty unique anyways, be it their coloration, their design, or maybe little things, their personality, their quirks, their habits. There are several beautiful characters out there, several on site actually! Who in the end, are just a very simple very common species. Yet they are unique, and recognizable fursonas. Jasper and their donkey? Just a donkey in some simple clothing and with glasses, yet I'm pretty sure most who have seen their fursona would recognize it, he's awkward but cute with his big thick framed glasses and uncertain stance. Proto! Proto is a grey fox with some simple glasses (not trying to say glasses are the key to simple originality whoops) and blue eyes. Yet, still definitively them. An older person on this forum was a blue otter. Thats it. They were an otter, they were blue. Another person here is a grey fox with a couple of wierd colored striped and some punk rock hair.

Not to say you have to be simple, just that... There is nothing wrong with it. The need to be unique doesn't always have to be the main concern. Honestly, even simple things like adding a few unusual markings, maybe some strange design around the face or on their paws, will go a long way. And if you want to do something crazy purple and pink with white striped and polka dots thats a wierd hybrid of creatures, I mean, go ahead, I won't stop you. Just.... Take a look at it, and tell yourself, if this a character I can love? Its all fine and good if they are a badass looking character, I have been tempted by dragonish wolfs before, and maybe there is no harm keeping a character like that... As a character. But as a sona, you should be able to love it. Even better if you can relate to it.

And please, those comments about people blaming the artist? Not everyone can draw sparkledogs right, if your character has three sets of wings and two ears I may miss something in the process, and I certainly don't expect anyone to get all the scaling and details of my weird hybrid fish-fox-bird right the first time everytime. Strange exotic characters are fun. But... The goal of it all should be more to find and create characters you enjoy, not ones who don't look even the slightest bit like anything else. Because sometimes? We look a little like each other. That never stopped humans from being unique, I don't see why furs are different.
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