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Final Fantasy XIII-2
« on: February 02, 2012, 08:56:58 am »
Okay people, Its here.

Final Fantasy XIII-2, the sequel to the 2009 release Final Fantasy XIII.
(Also, if you've played FFXIII and you still have the save data you may get something special...)

So as i was saying, I had the game pre-ordered since June of Last year, and i've been patiently waiting for this.
I must say it was not disappointing.

Graphics: 10/10
The game employs great visuals and seems to be very in tuned to reality in terms of proportions and shapes. I've seen some grand CGI with XIII so i was not expecting what i wouldnt find. I gotta say i enjoyed it. Not much to say here. It was too awesome for words.

Storyline 7/10
I say this because i seriously got lost here. I love the time thing they have going here, but the timeline shifting can be confusing, but clear as day at the same time. It transitions ery well from the previous game and makes you think when you play it, and at the same time it is all its own. New is what i mean. New, and nearly perfect... but um...

 There is a system called the Historia Crux that allows you to jump through timelines, but there is a second thing to it, once you complete a timeline, you can close the gate you opened and repeat the chapter... you dont lose any progress character, item, or monster lv wise, but it would seem your characters memories get altered to seem as is they never played the scene in the first place. Perhaps this is intended, but i would be somewhat funny if the characters you were playing as knew what was coming, when the people from the time you were in did not,  but i digress. Jumping timelines to find the right one is what this story is about, so locating artifacts (which are fragments that can be either obvious, or hard as the holy high hell to find) openes gates to unlock other gates that can open paths on the crux. Do something off pace and you may miss a vital peice of info or a hint that could point you in the right direction. Course this could be as a meant to intentionally throw in the back to the future or lost in time thing here. This is mandatory to complete the storyline, but there are many locations and some are more complicated than others.... Yeah youd have to play it to get what im saying here... Ill clarify this later. I wont spoil so ill just shut up and say this story was good, but could have been planed batter concerning the Crux

Gameplay 10/10
Yes. Just yes. this is the same setup from XIII with a few minor or major changes. Firstly, you have no third member. Instead, you have a monster in place of that. The monster captured in battle (Once the monster is defeated it should turn to crystal)and can be leveled up way beyond the properties others like them, and even fuse with other monsters.  key example is a cait sith. i can level up one to become at least 7 to 10+ times stronger than a wild one. There are of course some monsters that cannot be captured, but thats expected. The only thing is this, the monster has a set role. While the characters have set roles that can be changed, the monsters remain stagnant. MED role monster remains MED role and can only inherit fusion abilities for its role if the monster to be infused within the MED role monster is MED role. This can be annoying, because if the monster dies off in battle (dont worry it wont leave and it can be revived) All other monsters in the paradigm pack suffer the same fate, regardless if they have the same or different HP levels or roles. Be aware of this and watch that HP!

Now, if you manage to recruit a monster like Omega or something else... well you simply need stand back and watch the show.

Overall this game gets a 9/10 from me. the only thing that set it off was the damn story. It continues smoothly yes, but some of the explanations they provide for characters  from the previous game will either piss you off, or confuse you to no end. But this game is overall very enjoyable if you're a final fantasy fan. so i recommend getting it.

I had to rush this and im just getting over a cold so i really cant focus here.. pease forgive any discrepancies. PM me if there is anything you want to know about the game... Also note that i have yet to beat it.
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