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Chronicle [spoilersssss]
« on: February 07, 2012, 10:22:57 pm »
Three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery. Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides.

Okay. I've never really written a movie review, and I always feel like my opinions on things are quite pathetic; but I just saw Chronicle and I want to talk about it. Maybe find some meaning to it if anyone else has seen it.

I'll first talk about the movie in general; it was amazing. It was unlike recent movies. It was about superheroes, but it wasn't following the superhero bandwagon. These were a different type of hero. Heroes with emotions. I also enjoying the POV camera. It made it seem pretty realistic. There was no real confusion with it either. It was really interesting how the main character (Andrew) would make the camera float, so it could take some cool angled shots. The CGI was also pretty good. There were parts where it was kind of bleh, but after looking up information, it was a pretty low-budget film. So they did good for their costs.

Okay time to get into the movie (this contains spoilers)
The kids have obtained powers by some strange object. This kind of makes the movie start out on a bad note. There's no real story behind how the crystal object got there, but the three boys were drawn to it. It made their noses bleed and the camera blacked out. Okay a bit strange; the viewer knows that it's some supernatural crystal at least. The kids then go on about normally, testing out their powers. However, if they "over use this new muscle" their noses begin to bleed again.  That part was kind of weird.

But then the movie takes on the role of a Tragedy. The whole movie is Andrew's downfall. He starts out as a bullied and depressed kid, and his flaws end him. I really liked how they did that. They used the characters' emotions to show their actions. It's not just a story about kids with powers; it's a story about insanity, and how the mind works.  In the beginning, the second main character, Matt, talks about philosophy and the mind; and the whole movie is based around Andrew's mind.

Andrew just wants to be happy and to fit in. Hey hey, that's basically every other teenager out there! I could really relate to Andrew. But he lets his powers get the best of him. He can't deal with anything anymore, and he snaps completely. He talks about being an Apex Predator; which is basically the top of the food chain, and how nothing can beat them.

The final battle scene between Andrew and Matt was actually pretty depressing. I didn't know what to think at all during it. I expected Matt to finally get into Andrew's head and calm him down, but that didn't work. It was finally apparent that Andrew's insanity had to end. He was broken, beaten, and completely lost control of his mind. Matt got the opportunity, and killed Andrew; probably the most climactic moment. I almost started crying as Andrew got killed.

Then the movie starts to end pretty much. Matt takes Andrew's camera to Tibet (where Andrew always wanted to go) and he leaves it there. Andrew mentions that Tibet holds a lot of monks and it is very peaceful there. And the camera is left in Tibet, and Andrew is dead. He is finally able to be at peace.

Loved this movie. I wish to hear other opinions on it. I also hope this review was decent.