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Taoism Drunkard Review
« on: February 14, 2012, 02:04:07 pm »
Hi there! The other day I was on Youtube and decided to check out one of my favorite Youtube personalities, the Angry Video Game Nerd. Instead of the normal video game reviews that are generally featured there, however, there was a movie review hosted by the friend of the Angry Video Game Nerd reviewing a movie called 'Drunken Wu Tang aka Taoist Drunkard'. I had no idea what to think and when I watched the review it got even crazier. I decided I had to see this movie for myself and managed to find the entire thing on Youtube and wow, was it an experience. If anyone here has actually seen the review I talked about earlier, this is going to be pretty much the same thing, but I just had to review this movie and get it out of my system.

So the plot of the movie is that a character named the Old Devil is looking for a scroll of ancient power so that he can...take over the world or something. He kills a person who I'm guessing was his old teacher (the movie doesn't explain anything very well and the fact that the subtitles are so disjointed only makes it worse) in an attempt to find out where the scroll is. Meanwhile, a character named Rat Face visits the temple that, uncle or at and knocks an arm off a statue and is forced to go out and find a young teenage boy for some reason (yeah, I suck at this but if you watch it you won't have any more of an idea than I do). Meanwhile, a young teenage boy (I see a plot device coming on!) is training with his grandmother and has to go through a crazy obstacle course in order to get to the scroll of ancient power that the Old Devil is looking for. This part is amazing because it has the Banana Monster (called the Watermelon Monster in the dubbed version) which is basically a big black ball with stubbly little legs and a huge mouth with weird tentacle/antennae arms coming out of its head which it uses to fly around and molest people (literally, it rubs two different people on the nipples with its arms). Anyway, the grandson is beaten by the Banana Monster and through a series of complicated events stumbles upon Rat Face who is busy fighting with a princess and her soldiers because he didn't want to give them money...or something...

Anyway, that's as far as I can get without losing all bearing on the plot; it just dissolves into mayhem and the poorly-done subtitles certainly don't help. They tried to make the movie longer and funnier with all these pointless subplots which are just confusing and random, but the basic gist is that the main characters have to stop the Old Devil from obtaining the scroll. Most of the movie is just fighting or random scenes which have no bearing whatsoever on the plot, but for what it's worth this movie is amazing. Completely satirical and over-the-top, if this movie doesn't leave you in hysterics than there's something wrong with you. The fight scenes are well-choreographed (although totally unrealistic) and use very creative methods of fighting and the sound effects are goofy and out of place but just add to the hilarity. You could skip past all of the non-fighting scenes in this movie and miss nothing, seriously the only really entertaining parts in this are the fights but they are some of the craziest I have ever witnessed on film.

If you like satire movies or kung fu movies than this movie is for you, check it out. It can get slow and boring at times, but the randomness and sheer number of fight scenes are always enough to keep you entertained and on your toes. Thank you for reading, enjoy the rest of your day.
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