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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
« on: March 22, 2012, 01:02:29 am »
Okay, for the most part this was a very fun game i highly enjoyed playing it and look forward to replaying it more and more in the future.  Things i do like about this game is the 4 player co-op because it is quite difficult to play by yourself. for instance, I found myself hiding for cover and getting killed a lot, the AI controlled team players don't help you out much, at the most i believe they are just zombie bait for when you are hurt too badly to fight on the front line. This being said, you either want to be really good at resident evil games, or just play with your friends online.
also the wide range of characters and how each character has their own distinct skill set and personality was something i like a lot, i think it adds to the re-play ability of the game, playing as each character to see their reactions in a certain situation.
What i really loved about this game is how capcom went back to the original cast of infected such as the zombies, crimson heads, hunters,  and tyrants.  It felt much more like i was playing resident evil when my un-dead foes could not shoot back at me or hit me with a knife while saying weird things in a different language. 
Things i did not like. Well for starters, the game was very short, also the missions did not seem to tie together properly, i felt like i was  jumping around the city doing missions that had poor transitioning between them.  Another thing was how those spec ops jerks are seemingly invincible, they were a challenge to take down. I would have rather fought a large number of spec ops enemies that were easier to kill than fewer spec ops soldiers that take two mags each to take down . 
Other than those things, i found the game to be very fun, but this is most likely because i am a die hard resident evil fan. I get the since that if you don't like resident evil, this game is not for you, if you are interested in it but haven't played any of the other games, i would encourage you to do so, then play RE:ORC. If you love the resident evil story line, you most likely will enjoy playing 
The game is still brand new at this time, so i have high hopes that there will be some updates fixing some of the more minor issues such as the spec ops guys on steroids.   :fox-;):
Let me know what you guys think of the game i would love to hear some feed back on what others thought of the game. Also i found parts of the campaign very challenging and i was playing on casual, if anyone needs help on a mission, hit me up on Xbox and ill be glad to help out.  :fox-:P:
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Re: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2013, 06:57:33 am »
I usually don't like resident evil games, but i loved this one. I also really like the game enviorment. It's not the usual resident evil, where you know where zombies come up and you really know where they are. It's a more apocaliptic enviorment, where everything is calm and you can only hear the zombies. I also loe how they jump from walls to attack me. But i admit, whe my team mates are bots, it's horrible. They are rally stupid, they jump in to traps, they kill zombies with bombs using meele weapons and they get in front of the wall where a zombie is going to jup (taking out the surprise). I hope thefix the bots, they are really annoying.
Taking that out, the game is awesome.
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