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Port Of Morrow
« on: March 22, 2012, 06:50:00 pm »
The shins are my favorite band by far, so I figured a review on their brand new album was in order!

For five years, the Shins remained down low, not producing an album since 2007. 
Releases on March 20th, The Shin's new album Port Of Morrow was met with great admiration and excitement. It meant my favorite is back.
But it seems many have left, all but frontman James Mercer.

The sound has changed, that much is known. Partly for the good, partly for the bad. Mercer's excellent voice still holds true through out each and every song, and the relaxed, yet confident sound reigns free.
However, the songs all sound so... Glazed. Glazed with sugar. It doesn't behold a raw power like the past albums.  They begin to sound less alternative. Now call me a hipster, but their songs do sound a little - just a little! - generic. They haven't been rendered a sellout band, but it does feel that they've strayed from their roots, and, instead of charting undiscovered and virtuosic seas, it sounds as if they're just treading the path more often taken.

I give Port of Morrow a 7 outta 10. Could be better, could be newer, and it would be nice if it wasn't solely James Mercer left. Do I miss the old gang? Yes. But hey, the album does have its good points; it is catchy, new, and experimentive on James' part. I won't lie, it doesn't compare to Wincing the Night Away or oh, Inverted world, but it passes....