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Nine Lives by Deuce (album)
« on: April 24, 2012, 11:11:39 pm »
Some of you may know Deuce as the member of Hollywood Undead with the mask with pink lips that was kicked out for being too demanding. He is making a comeback with his first official album and a shiny new mask (literally). He had released many unofficial songs, some of which made their way onto the new album.

The album is mostly made up of verses by Duece, Truth, and Jeffree Star(a guest singer that has made is way onto a majority of the songs, mostly as vocals in the background nobody notices.). This album feels almost like a sequel to Hollywood Undead's "Swan Songs" album. And like most songs from the Swan Songs album, a few songs are of a sexual nature, and all feature their own assortment of swears that most parents would not approve of.

The special edition features 12 songs from Duece. The album opens with the line "REALEASE THE CRACKIN'" for the first song "Let's Get It Crackin'". This song is a throwback to Swan Songs by referencing everything from threesomes  to alchohol and illegal drugs. If you don't like songs that have no point, other than to reference to sex in every line, this song is not for you.

The next song on the album is "Help Me". Which opens with the record label's CEO yelling at Deuce over the new album. This song it's share of sexual references, but has a message behind it. Not a good message, but a message. His message with this song is that nobody can control him. He runs things his way, and nobody is going to stop him. In short, this song is his way of telling the world that he does not care what people think of him, and he is gonna do whatever he wants, good or bad.

The next song in the album is America, which has a bit of a rock song feel, while the other songs have more of a rap vibe. This song is about, as the song says "a sickness with no name". The video, and song suggests zombies. But when listening to certain parts, I feel this song can be about war on a deeper level, of only for a moment. Though, this is only my opinion.

The 4th song is "I Came To Party" and as the name suggests, this is about partying. Only one verse in, their are references to looking for sex, and alchohol. This song features a verse from Travie Mccoy. This is another song that seems to have no other meaning other than to entertain.

The following song is "The One". The song, in the first verse he has already insulted a majority of the audience members listening with the following lines.
"Homosexuals and liars
F*ck playing for reasons
F*ck playing for Jesus"
I find offense in these lines, but as a huge fan, I know Deuce has a history of writing offensive and homophobic lines. Two lines down, he says "I'll burn a whole in your cross." this song has many lines about drug abuse, and his struggle with them.
"I want a pill for every bad thought
For every chick I f*cked
For every time I lost
Don't think I'm broken, 'cuz I'm not
Got milk? Got problems?
Problems is all that I got"
The chorus of this song, to me, says music has power to help people through struggles.
"I'm supposed to be the one who brings us all together
Weak or strong, not just a song
We sing along when things go wrong"

The 6th song on the album is again a sexual song titled "Freaky Now" most of the song is about foreplay. It mentions things such as licking, among other things that are to obvious to post here.
(and yes, there is not one verse clean enough to post)

The 7th song is "Nobody Likes Me". The song opens with the verse
"Nobody likes me. no one likes me, but i don't like them."
This song seems to be saying "Don't F*ck with me because I don't care"

The next song is "Walk Alone" it opens up with the following verse.
"You want my life, you wanna take away what's mine
But I got my rights and I'll keep singin' 'till the sun don't rise"
The song is an insult to two people known as "Docta Davis" and "Dr.Drew" to the audience. If you like serious songs, this would be the pick of the album.

The 9th song on the album is "'Till I Drop". This song is another track basically saying. "Don't F*ck with me, and even if you do, your gonna have to deal with a fight" and like another earlier song, it also means. "I'm gonna do what I want, until I'm dead"

The tenth track is "Gravestone" (a personal favourite, and also a track released as a teaser). This song, along with "Story of a Snitch" (not included in the album) is an insult toward Hollywood Undead. Though, it seems like an apology in certain spots, the message here is "I don't care what happens to you".
"Goodbye, Goodbye everything will be alright.
Goodbye, goodbye I promise ill be by your side.
Goodbye, goodbye rest in peace alone.
I wouldn't put a f*cking flower on your gravestone if you died."

The 11th and last non-bonus track is "Now You See My Life". Which opens with
"Their once was a kid named Deuce who got sick and tired of being picked on.
So he got himself a nice .22.
 Click, boom and now he's on the f*cking news."
The chorus is
"Now you see my life and it looks so pretty looks so pretty
You want what you can't have and you know that's too damn bad
Try and take my pride we both know that's silly know that's silly.
You want what you can't have and you know that's too damn bad."
This song is yet again a song meaning "don't f*ck with me" though it has a lot more than just that. In a way, this song seems to also tell people "you aren't gonna get famous, rich, and all of what I have by trying to take from me"

The final song, and bonus track is "Walk the Walk". It opens with
"you know we don't stop
 reloading while we hit the top.
I get down 'cause that's my job
Y'all better learn to walk the walk"
As many times as I've listened to this song, I honestly can't find a reason for this song, or a message.
I like this album Mostly because I'm a fan, but mostly because it gave the fans what Duece is famous for, being a prick and his unique type of rapping combined with a few screams. If you do not like rock, screaming, loud noise, rap, swearing, offensive material, or anything of the sort, I would not go towards this album.

Rating: 4 out of 5

It would be 3.75, but Jeffree Star's appearance bumped it up a bit.
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