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Glee Project 2 Episode 1 Individuality
« on: June 21, 2012, 03:55:40 am »
I've decided to make a review of every episode of the Glee Project season two, because I freakin love it and this will hopefully improve my review skills. So here it goes.

    The episode starts out with the contestants entering their new home for the next few weeks, depending on how long they last in the competition. We get to meet all of them and I was already picking out who I liked and wanted to win. There wasn't a contestant that I didn't dislike right then and there, because they all seemed pretty likable.

Abraham- chinese guy with punk rock hair and is a little flamboyant, I liked him a bit more than some others.

Ali- the girl in a wheelchair who doesn't let that stop her from living her life happily, I love her attitude.

Aylin- the Turkish Muslim who still wants to be the flirty provocative funny person she is despite what her parents say, she is my favorite contestant so far.

Blake- the stud muffin who I think has loads of potential but didn't really stand out from the group

Charlie- this guys reminds me so much of myself, he's weird, funny, and some how still cool, I like him.

Dani- you might remember her from America's Got Talent, that's because she was on it and has recruited many fans since.I like her voice and her uniqueness and with her fan base, she definitely has a good chance of winning.

Lily Mae- "the big girl" would be her stereotype. she might come off as a bad-ass chick who doesn't care what others think of her, but deep down she does have emotions and a  few skeletons in the closet. I kind of like her

Mario- the blind guy. he's very talented and funny. He always has a smile on his face that is contagious.

Maxfield- the country boy who has a voice that would make you melt. Recently discovering his ability to sing just 6 months ago, he really has adapted quickly to his gift of music.

Michael- the "hot nerd" this guy has it all: looks, brains, dancing and singing abilities are off the chart. Plus he loves calculus. Favorite male so far

Nellie- the deep voiced singer, who has the potential to win the whole competition.

Shanna- the pretty blonde country girl with an Alabama twang. Her voice is amazing.

Taryn- her voice is really unique except she didn't really stand out to much.

Tyler- the transgender guy, his voice isn't really that good do to him taking testosterone pills. But his story is very motivational and inspiring.

  Robert Ulrich ( the casting director for Glee) enters the room and have them sit down as he explains the weeks theme "Individuality". Like last season, each contestant will have to represent themselves for who they are and not pretend to be someone else. He then assigns Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" as their homework challenge song. The group must then assign parts to each other. They must also make a dance number with the performance.
  The next day passes and all the contestants are sitting in the choir room awaiting who will be the weeks special guest mentor. Robert Ulrich walks in and behind him is Ryan Murphy (co-creator of Glee) the group gets excited and nervous about his arrival. Except Robert says that Ryan is not the special guest mentor as Lea Michele (star of Glee) walks in and the group starts cheering and clapping. Lea gives the group words of encouragement, and afterwords they perform  "Born This Way". I thought it was really good, but not really as good as last seasons though. Lea, Ryan, and Robert applaud them. Lea then list out who she thought stood out from the rest of the group. She decides that Shanna was the best and awards her the weeks homework assignment winner, although I thought Abraham did the best, but whatever. This means she will have a featured moment in the music video which Robert announces will be "Here I Go Again" from the White Stripes. Lea, Robert, and Ryan all say goodbye and leave the choir room.

  The next day all the contestants record their assigned part from the music video in a recording booth. Each of them do a pretty good job except Aylin and Maxfield, who are critiqued by Nikki Anders (recording producer) for not really expressing themselves through their voice. Which sadly I agreed with her, Aylin wasn't showing who she really was from what I saw during the auditions. Afterwords they are taught the dance number for the video by Zach Woodlee (choreographer). Zach gets on to Tyler for him messing up the choreo, Tyler explains that since he is still "growing into his new body" he feels awkward dancing. Zach understands but still doesn't cut him any slack. They film the music video as Tyler, Taryn, Maxfield and Aylin are critiqued by Robert and Nikki for not standing out and fading in the background. Everyone else is given positive feedback.

 The following day all of the contestants are standing on a stage waiting for their fates from Robert,Nikki, and Zach. They announce that Shanna did the best this week and is on the callback list (safe), along with her: Abraham, Dani, Michael, Lily Mae, Mario, Blake, Charlie, Ali, and Nellie are all on the callback list as well. That leaves Taryn, Tyler, Aylin, and Maxifield in the bottom four. Taryn is given harsh feedback along with safety as they tell her she is on the callback list. She walks away with joy as the bottom three is revealed. Aylin because she lost that "spark" that the producers saw when they first met her. Maxfield because he lacked in the recording booth and faded away in the video. And Tyler because he had trouble expressing himself through his movements. I agreed with this bottom three. All three will have one last chance performance in front of Robert, Nikki, Zack, and Ryan Murphy to prove they have what it takes to be on Glee.

Aylin is given a ballad version of "Without You" by David Guetta and completely kills the performence (in a good way). I think it was the best last chance performance I have ever seen. Ryan applauds her and tells her he loves her voice. Aylin promises if she is given another chance they'll see the spark they saw when they first met her.

Tyler performs "ABC" by The Jackson Five. It was an ok performance. Tyler explains his situation on how he still doesn't feel completely comfortable in his body. Ryan tells him to keep working and to stop pushing himself because he likes him just the way he is.

Maxfield sings "Always On My Mind" by Willie Nelson. It was awesome. His silky country voice was just a pleasure to listen to. Ryan compliments him on his "simplicity", and how his voice is relaxing and smooth.

The contestants return back to their living room as the judges decide who will leave. Aylin doesn't think she is leaving  but remarks "anything can happen". Tyler believes he is the one going home from what the judges told him. Maxfield is concerned but not really as worried as Tyler. Robert enters the room and tells them that the "Callback List" is up and they should take a look. The three hug everyone and say their goodbyes and at separate times enter the choir room to learn their fate.

Aylin is walking down the room to the list as she comments " I don't regret anything and I wouldn't change a thing". She walks up to the callback list and reads it.

Tyler walks down the room and says that he really doesn't want to leave the first week, he walks up to the list and reads it.

Maxfield remarks " I really want to win and be given another shot" as he reads the list posted to the wall

Aylin looks at the list and puts her hands to her mouth and screams with joy

Tyler and Maxfield both have worried faces as they look at the list

Called Back:
Lily Mae

Not Called Back:

Maxfield gets upset as the other contestants comfort him before he leaves. It cuts to a clip of him singing the goodbye song "Keep Holding On" by Avril Lavigne with the rest of the cast singing in the background like a church choir.

I thought Tyler should have been eliminated, because I felt he really isn't ready to be on Glee. And he is still getting used to his body. Oh well what can you do? I hope you enjoyed my review :)
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