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Glee Project 2 Episode 2 Dance-ability
« on: June 22, 2012, 03:23:01 am »
     The remaining contestants finish "mourning" over Maxfield's departure. Yeah I'm not surprised they got over his elimination that fast. Anyways they return back into their living room to see what the homework assignment and the theme of the week will be. Robert enters the room and announces that this week will be "Dance-ability". Some of the contestants know their in deep shit. He also says the homework song for the week is The Go-Go's "We Got The Beat". Personally one of my favorite songs. He leaves and the cast begin to divide parts. Ali gets aggravated by Mario because of his refusal to consider another part when they both wanted the same one. Mario had the right to want the part, but he was a little bit rude to Ali when he told her. Just my two cents.

  That night, with multiple legitimate reasons why, Taryn quits the competition and leaves without saying goodbye. The stress of her grandmother dying and her cousin dying the same day of her grandmothers funeral was to much for her to handle by herself.
   The contestants are sitting in the choir room as Robert announces who will be the special guest mentor. And it is *drum roll* Samuel Larsen! He was the winner of last years Glee Project and my personal fave from last season. Aylin goes all "fan girl" when she sees him, and who could blame her? Samuel started to speak Gibberish to the contestants, I guess he was really nervous being the mentor this time around, because last season he won the dance-ability homework assignment. The group performs "We Got The Beat" and I must say it was amazing. Samuel makes notable mentions of course, but ultimately decides that Abraham is the homework assignment winner. I agree with his decision. Robert reveals that the weeks music video song will be LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem". God I hated that song, but whatever. And the theme of the video will be a house party being held at "Abraham's house".

   The group then learns their choreography from Zach, and since this week is dancing he's being extra hard on them. Dani was having trouble with her specific group dance, and once again, Tyler is having trouble with his movement. Michael and Blake are kicking ass with their dancing and my personal favorite dancers of the bunch. Zach then tells them that each of the them will have the spotlight for themselves and can dance whatever they wanted. But he tells them clearly NOT to do funny dances ex: booty shaking, boob shaking, excessive crotch grabbing. You know what I'm talking about.  Lily Mae had hard time understanding this, because her booby shaking was getting on Zach's nerves.

  They record their parts and everyone does a good job except Lily Mae, Nikki notes that for her being the only classical trained singer she wasn't really doing so well.

 The next day they film the music video. And in a scene a few of the contestants had to play spin the bottle. Let's just say there was a lot of kissing going on. Aylin kisses Blake and for some reason that upsets Charlie who is sitting in another room watching with a few of the other contestants. He starts pouting about it,  but Aylin walks in the room and plants one on him too. Dam you go girl. He gets out of his bad mood quickly, no wonder why. Dani is having trouble with her part, along with Abraham (homework winner) and you guessed it Tyler.

Ok! SO the final 12 are on the stage awaiting their fates from Robert, Nikki, and Zach. They praise Aylin for gaining her *spark* back and tell her that she is on the callback list. Along with her is Michael, Shanna, Blake, Charlie, Mario, Ali, and Nellie. The bottom four is Abraham, Tyler, Dani, and Lily Mae. Abraham is given some critiques, but in the end, he is told he is on the callback list. The bottom three is Lily Mae for her booby rattling, Tyler because he can't get his shit together, and Dani because her dancing lacked and she wasn't connecting in the video. They each have one last chance performance for Ryan.
   Dani sings "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac. Pretty awesome rendition. Before she performs Dani gets pretty emotional about the song and how she feels. Ryan gives her a positive response and she walks away.
   Tyler pops up and sings "Daniel" by Elton John. It was OK... again.  Ryan admits he has gotten better from last last week. I thought so too.

  Lily Mae sings "Man! I feel like a Women!" by Shania Twain. It was a killer performance, Lily does get a little bitchy with the judges (not a good idea). They tell her to take Zach's advice when he gives it, if she were to stay.

   The bottom three greet the other contestants and cry. Robert comes into the room and announces that the list has been posted. They all say their goodbyes and at one at a time learn their fates.

Dani walks to the list and says she doesn't even want to think about being sent home on week two, she reads the callbacks.

Lily Mae believes what she did was wrong and wants to prove that she can change, and that honestly she doesn't want anyone to go home. She reads the the list.

Tyler has the same feelings as last time, he reads the callback list.

Tyler breathes with relief and walks away happy

Dani and Lily Mae continue to look at the list with sadness

Called back:

Lily Mae

Not Called back:


She cries... a lot. I felt pretty bad for her on how sad she looked. It cuts to a clip of her singing "Keep Holding On" as the others are singing the back-up behind her. She sang it wonderfully. I really wasn't expecting her to go home this early. But once again I thought Tyler should have left. And I hope you guys enjoyed my review!


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