Author Topic: Commissioning vs. Asking for free art  (Read 592 times)

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Commissioning vs. Asking for free art
« on: June 25, 2012, 06:27:51 pm »
Alright, there's been a lot of this lately, so I felt the need to address this.

Making threads solely for the purpose of asking for free art is highly discouraged. So is begging in people's art threads.
Neither one of these things will get you in a huge amount of trouble, but it's extremely rude so please don't do it.
If an artist says they are ACCEPTING REQUESTS, then feel free to ask. As Natasha put it, "character artwork is a privileged, not a right." Please don't be rude, annoying, or demand a million changes.

Threads looking for someone to commission are allowed. If you'd like art of your character and are willing to pay, by all means, make a thread for it. This is just a reminder that these threads ARE allowed, so please don't jump on someone's case about them "breaking the rules".


This wasn't brought on or aimed at anyone in particular, its just a general reminder. It also wouldn't hurt to refresh yourself with this thread, "Furry Art Etiquette"

Thank you <3
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