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Glee Project 2 Episode 3 Vulnerability
« on: June 25, 2012, 09:59:48 pm »
     With Taryn and Dani leaving last episode only 11 contestants remain, and things are getting more intense as Robert announces that this weeks theme will be vulnerability. And their homework assignment will be *drum roll* "My Life Would Suck Without You" by Kelly Clarkson. What? I think Charlie said it best, how can you be vulnerable to a song like that? But the contestants must now show their softer side to this weeks theme. Aylin and Lily Mae were about to battle it out to the death for a line, until Aylin gives it up to her. Mario and Michael wanted the same line but Michael was all chill about it and let Mario have it. So no battle to deaths for this episode. O well.

     The contestants wait in the choir room for the this weeks mentor and it is Cory Monteith! Mr. Finn himself. You can tell Abraham was expecting Chris Colfer by his expression. But he doesn't appear til episode 10, silly Abraham. Anywho, they perform "My Life Would Suck Without You" and it was pretty good. Not as good as last seasons "Perfect" but not bad. Cory points out the ones who he liked and gives a few critiques, but in the end he awards Nellie the title of Vulnerability Queen, which I was happy about. She will get a one-on-one mentoring with Cory and the spotlight of the music video. And Cory announces that the song for the music video is "Everybody Hurts" by REM. I love this song. He also tells them that the theme for the video is bullying and they will each play a bullied victim and a bully them-self. It makes since now why Cory is this weeks mentor since in the show Finn went from being a bully to being bullied. He leaves the contestants to ponder about the video.

    Since their is no choreography, Erik White "music video director" greets them all and talks to them about bullying and their own experiences with it. Blake admits to not helping out someone when they were being bullied and he regrets not doing anything. Abraham talks about how he was called "fag" when he was in school. Lily Mae admits to never being bullied but she was once the bully when she was in middle school. On a side note, I think admitting your mistakes and saying your sorry takes as much courage as it is to stand up for yourself. Anyways this leads to some teary eyed stressed out moments and Erik leaves believing he knows how he is going to make the music video.

    The next day they each record their parts for the music video and some more upsetting things are learned about the contestants. Aylin does admit to being called a "terrorist" just because she is Muslim. And being raised Muslim myself, I now exactly how hurtful that type of bullying is. Nikki is giving some advice to Mario, but Mario feels a little offended by what she was telling him. Not a good idea Mario. He was being a little too defensive in my opinion.

     It's the day of the music video and the contestants were all portraying their characters of a victim and bully. Most were doing a good job, while others were not doing quite so well. Charlie got some heat when he took Mario's cane without telling the director or Mario himself. Not a good move Charlie. Honestly I don't think he did it to hurt anyone, he did it because he thought it would have made the scene more dramatic (which it did) but screwed up when he forgot to mention it before doing it. Lily Mae didn't really do so well when she was being bullied, but did a fantastic job being the bully. You can tell she's done it before. Never thought I would applaud someone for their bullying technique. Michael Blake and Aylin did the best job in my opinion, with everyone else right behind them.

     DUM DUM DUM... It's callback time and the final 11 await their fates from Nikki, Robert, and Zach. Blake did the best this week according from all three of them, no complaints from me. And along with him Abraham, Aylin, Michael, Shanna, and SURPRISE Tyler! Are all called back. That leaves Nellie, Charlie, Lily Mae, Ali, and Mario in the bottom five. Nellie is told she needs to work harder and Ali because she wasn't portraying the theme of vulnerability as much as everyone else. But they each get a free pass and are safe. That leaves Lily Mae because she sucked during the video, Mario because he was a smart-ass with Nikki, and Charlie because he took Mario's cane. They each have one last chance to prove to Ryan that they deserve to stay.

     Lily Mae sings "Mercy" by Duffy. I thought she did a good job, and so does Ryan. Lily pleads for them to give her another chance and that she is more of a ballad singer, and not just some sassy spunky chick. Ryan takes her words for what there worth and sends her on her way.

     Charlie sings "Fix You" by Coldplay, and when I first found out I thought he was going to drop the ball, but surprise surprise he does amazing. Geez this episode is filled with surprises. Anyways Ryan expresses his burning love for Charlie and is glad he is in the bottom 3 so he could hear him perform.

      Mario is walked to his mic by Charlie and sings "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Ms. Judy Garland. He did a great soulful job. The judges tell him to take their advice and criticism they give him, and not argue. Mario says he didn't mean what they thought he said and that he was misunderstood.

     The bottom 3 return to the room and talk about the unholy list. Charlie is huddled with Aylin DAWW <3. Mario is once again getting on the other contender's nerves. And Lily Mae is sitting.

     Robert enters the room without knocking first and tells them the list has been posted. They all say their goodbyes and leave to learn their fate.

     Lily Mae feels unjustified by her performance and wants another chance, she reads the list

     Charlie wants nothing more to stay, he goes up to he wall and reads the paper of destiny.

     Mario walks up to the list talking about how he wants another try he gets to the paper and feels the  braille.
    Charlie laughs with joy as well as Lily Mae, Mario is weeping.

 Called Back:

Not Called Back:

Everyone is called back

     Mario, Lily Mae, and Charlie are filled with joy along with the contestants. If I was their I would have been pisst off. But that's just me. If I had the power to send anyone home, it would have been Mario. Sad to say since he was one of my favorites at the beginning. Til next time I hoped you enjoyed my review :)