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Halo 4
« on: July 05, 2012, 12:14:29 am »
Halo 4 discussion?

  I feel like I'm the only one excited for it. Most people from Forgehub and in the online community at large have already condemned it, saying that 343 has changed too much of the game and that they're trying to make it into Call of Halo: Modern Combat Evolved. Am I the only one who disagrees?

  At face value, the changes that 343 has made will obviously seem like a ploy to implement more aspects from games like CoD and BF into Matchmaking. They've implemented killstreaks, personal ordinance drops, customizable loadouts, weapon skins, etc, but if you take the time to watch the videos that 343 and MLG have uploaded to Waypoint, it becomes pretty obvious how deviant the implementations actually are from the features they've supposedly copied from. From what their coverage shows, the customizable loadouts consist mostly of choosing what type of grenade and what mid-range weapon you spawn with. The loadout upgrades and unlockables will only offer a bit more flexibility, but not anything along the lines of spawning in with a Rocket Launcher or a Sniper. Weapon and armor skins are only part of their apparent increase in your options for aesthetic customization. The list goes on. Even if these implementations turn out to be awful (which, according to everyone at E3 who played it, is completely false), people forget that the standard Slayer will omit these new additions entirely.

  It's just depressing seeing so much negativity and speculation surrounding a game that doesn't come out for another four months. The campaign looks awesome, Spartan Ops looks awesome, Matchmaking looks awesome, from what 343 is saying, Forge 3.0 is going to be incredibly awesome, and to top it all off the graphics look awesome, too. Suffice to say, everything about this game looks awesome to me and I've been getting more excited about it with each passing day.

  Thoughts? Also, general Halo discussion is welcome as well.
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Re: Halo 4
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2012, 07:19:33 pm »
My main problem with Halo 4 is that the whole advertising campaign for halo 3 was that this was the end of the main story arc. So it bother's me that there making a brand new trilogy after hyping up the end so much.

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Re: Halo 4
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2012, 03:15:04 am »
The people who condemn it are not entirely wrong, but its more on the matter of spiritual succession.  We'll all buy Halo 4 we'll have some fun with it, but there is a sense of betrayal in the studio hand off and mixes that have taken place.  The first game I loved was Halo: Combat Evolved, I was much younger but it grabbed me, there was a sense of narrative, pallete discipline this deep churning depth of the unknown that could be sensed swimming below the universe and a soaring score to accompany it all unlike anything put forth in games before.  The core creators of the series, the people behind the art and story were this impassioned bunch who just wanted their vision to get out there as it evolved into this breathtaking thing they had scarcely imagined when they set out.  Folks like Robt Mclees, Eddie Smith, Frank Capezzuto, and the ever wondrous Shi Kai Wang, were my heroes as a little kid, in a way they still are today.  What they made had a breathe and a weight, it was not always apparent in the game, the tech was limited especially in the the days of H1 and H2 but there was a voice, a real honest voice in the central series.  Its there every time you stop and look at a skybox, every time you watch the cut scene despite having seen it a hundred times. Bungie struggled and fought to keep their voice shining through despite the years they were owned by Microsoft, and the ultimate price of their independence was their child of the Halo franchise.

I took up drawing, I am going off to college to study concept art on scholarship almost solely because I was inspired as a kid by the ability of the men and women of Bungie to tell a real story, to stick with a heartfelt honest universe they wanted to bring forth, that they eventually turned into a platform to voice philosophical views as a progression of the love invested in it.  They were the friends and mentors I have never met.  A ton of the community is inspired by various passions reciprocated from the titanic devotion of Bungie, now that they are gone, aside from a few staying to try and help transitions with 343, its not the same.  I have kept tabs on a lot of the production work done on H4, there are some great grizzled concept artists who are actually staying faithful to the original tenants whilst still being innovative, but for some reason their work is not being utilized much, whats more, I've seen a number of third party illustrators be picked up and dumped fast, one of the 343 creative directors a fellow who did Metal Gear Solid 4 (a highly overrated game) simply up and quit, and staff are constantly shuffled, not to mention the overall quality of a lot of the production work, dialogue and composition is off.  In the gameplay E3 trailer, I saw some downright shoddy work, not to mention extremely striking riffs on plating design you could say were plucked straight out of mass effect.  I'm sure the score of Halo 4 will be nice, but it wont be Marty's, I'm sure the campaign and gameplay will be fun, but it will feel cheapened to me by the constant changing of hands behind the scenes and the knowledge that to an extent Microsoft is driving certain aspects to be integrated on a profit basis, I'm sure the story will be better than most games, but I don't think it will ply the same subtle depths that were painted by Bungie.

Games can be so much more than explosions, and adrenaline, then a puzzle to be solved or a corner to be made in a sportscar.  I want to take some games seriously as an art medium, I want to be inspired, and to see others inspired, to have messages of hope and perseverance and what it means to be human swimming in a thousand undertones and choppy currents, I want games to make me think.  Halo was the first to start attempting that and combine all that action with something more, an actual spirit.  I don't feel the torch is being carried well by Microsoft and 343; or that it was even meant to.
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Re: Halo 4
« Reply #3 on: July 15, 2012, 07:43:25 pm »
By the looks of it, I'm probably going to be among the few who are enthusiastic about Halo 4. At first, I'll admit that I was worried about 343 Industries producing Halo 4, and I wasn't initially hoping that there would be a Halo 4 because I thought Bungie wrapped up the saga quite well with Halo 3. But the more 343 Industries has revealed about the production of the game, the more I have found myself warming up to it. I've come to accept that Bungie is finished with halo, they've been producing it for an entire decade, thus they are tired of it and want to move onto other projects — which i find to be perfectly understandable. I'm sure that Bungie's next project, currently believed to be named 'Destiny', will be awesome and a breath of fresh-air for Bungie.

While Halo may be over for Bungie, 343i believe that Halo can last another decade. If it weren't for 343i, Halo would obviously have ended. While I'm not exactly claiming that this is solely a labour of love to the fans and of the series, because surely monetary gain played a role in keeping Halo alive, but I still get the feeling that 343i truly care for Halo and enjoy its various aspects. 343i have expressed great respect for Bungie and Halo; wishing to simply continue it with their own chapter. I personally see no inherent harm in doing that. If anything, I think that this should extend Halo's life-span, as it may keep things fresh.

343i have made it clear that this is their Halo. And as such, you can expect to see some notable differences between Between their games and Bungie's — including slight differences in both aesthetic, music and gameplay design. I think 343i are trying to capture Bungie's style and include some differences of their own. Doing this enables us to recognize that this is the Halo series, yet such design choices consolidate the fact that these are 343i's own Halo games and reflect upon canonical changes that have happened in the Halo universe since Master Chief had been cryogenically frozen. And so far, I find most of the differences in style to be respectful toward what Bungie had originally envisioned.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, it has been hard to come to accept that these new games are not being made by Bungie. I think most of the entire community has or still feels this way, with some choosing to outright reject Halo 4 or pretend that 343i is composed mainly of ex-Bungie employees (when there are only five confirmed former Bungie members). But I'm certainly willing to 343i a shot. It is still nice to see an entire studio created to oversee the Halo franchise. And so far, I have found myself supporting their decisions, enjoying most of their content, and respecting some of their motives. I'll save my final judgement of 343i and their future with the series for when Halo 4 is finally released. But what I have seen has left me feeling mostly optimistic.
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