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ShilohXNeko Hardstyle/Trance/DnB Mixes!
« on: October 29, 2012, 04:48:49 pm »
Hiya thar. ^.^

So, I've dabbled a bit with Fl Studio for the past few years and I've come up with a few tracks that I think are pretty decent; I'd love some feedback if possible so that I can see what you all like and what I can improve upon.

I used to have most of my stuff on Newgrounds; however, this new laptop has a delightful blocking program that, for some odd reason, blocks the site, so I'm currently reuploading the majority of my songs onto Soundcloud.

Here's the first I've uploaded so far, I'll be uploading more in the future!

(I usually go by the alias Eclipse, although my earlier stuff is by the name of Souldran)

Satellite (Eclipse DnB-HappyHardcore Mix)
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