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★ Panda ★:
Furries love art, its a known fact. Who doesn't love getting art of their characters? That's why we created this board, the Art Request Thread! Here's how it works:

* Members who are Red Level or above* may post a request. Please include a SFW ref and/or text description.
* Artists may choose a request(s) to do, and contact that person privately once its completed. One you have completed a request, please click the "report post" link so a mod may remove the request. Usually, an artist's word will be sufficient, but a staff member may ask to see the finished product for verification.
* Please remember: You are only allowed one post at a time! Constantly reposting your request will do nothing. After your request has been fufilled and deleted, though, you may repost after a resonable (a couple weeks, depending on how active the board is) amount of time has passed.
If you want to add to your request but can no longer edit your post, please contact a staff member OR make a new post & report the other one so it can be deleted or merged. Once you post a new request, your old post will be deleted.
* Requests will be deleted after 3 months of inactivity (based off the Last Active date on your profile), if you return after a break and your request has been deleted you may repost your request or make a new one
*This rule is in place soley to prevent people joining/posting JUST for free art, and then disappearing.


Remember, this is free art! That means no complaining or asking for a million changes, please. The artist is kind enough to draw for you, which means you should at least have the kindness to thank them. Refer to the "Free Art" section of the Furry Art Etiquette sticky for more explanation about this.

And above all, have fun! ANYONE of ANY skill level can draw somebody's request. And be sure to post finished requests in your own art thread to show  them off C:

**All free art requests must be posted to this thread only. This means threads asking for free art are no longer allowed. (Threads OFFERING free art are still allowed)**

**Please do not advertise commissions in this thread. You are free to do so in your own art thread, but this is for free-art only**

Hi! If someone could draw an icon of one of my alt sonas that would be amazing! Basically just the picture below except with a little longer hair (and the hair pattern can go however you want as long as it's rainbow). Also, a flower under one of the ears would be nice. And if there are any other details that you need, just PM me; thanks!  :fox-:):

Man these are good refs! Could anyone make a ref of my sona? I promise the design is simple.

❀ Shi:
So u H m

I'm broke in terms of DA points and I'm not too fond of my own art at the moment, so if anyone wants to take a go at drawing Sapphire's updated design, aaa go ahead! <33 If anyone does decide to draw her I'll see if I can get you back with a doodle of your fursona.
If anyone is interested, her new ref is in my profile, and details are below that!

Ideally I'd like a forum avatar if possible!

Cotton Candy:
i need a ref ;~;

PM me for everything, will be as detailed as possible.  :fox-:):


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