Author Topic: Dodonpachi ressurection (Android/i-phone/XBOX360/ARCADE)  (Read 490 times)

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Dodonpachi ressurection (Android/i-phone/XBOX360/ARCADE)
« on: December 04, 2012, 03:35:26 am »
Japan always have those fancy 2 dimensional classic style shooters most of them are so difficult that they may fill up your tiny TV screen Dodonpachi is one of them
Dodonpachi resurrection is made by CAVE company published by rising star games in the european but it still works on american Xbox 360 If you don't have a Xbox 360 You can just buy it in the apple app store or google play store.
The gameplay mechanics is pretty simple you control your fighter jet while shooting down bad guys and rack up massive combos and score along the way.
The original Arcade mode is availible on all ports of the game featuring the 1.5 patch of the game wich feature some new stuff. You get 3 types of ships to choose: Type A,The deltasword fighter which have narrow shot patterns and fast movement speed.
                                         Type B,The Biaxe Helicopter Have average Speed and a "Variable" shot pattern.
                                         Type C,The Spear head Attacker,The Slowest one but have a wide Shot patterns.
And 3 Gameplay styles to choose.
The level and enemy designs are awesome detailed and others, while the boss design is pretty much unique You Always fight a Huge flying machine that can transform into robotic school girls,french maids,and others.
While some other modes is awesome but the original arcade is always the best
The Smartphone Mode is exclusive to android and apple's portable devices the only diffrence is the scoring system qand the HYPER CANNON!! feature
The japanese only black label features a new mode with changed soundrack and you got ony one ship to choose: The Tiger scwhertz or something like that.
there are other Arrange modes in the Xbox 360 Mode but i don't own a Xbox360  so pardon me on not knowing the Xbox 360 Mode
Overall rating 8/10
Even casuals can play this and even the hardcore "superplayers" can play it but these days it's FPS Everywhere so yes grab this copy of this game Now!!