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« on: December 29, 2012, 05:46:06 pm »
 Greetings fellow Furries (and any other kinds of people who may happen upon this review). Today I won't be reviewing a specific product, rather, I will be reviewing a series of products and content produced by Oomizuao. Your probably wondering what I'm talking about, well I'm referring to a user on DeviantART who has been producing content based around her soon to be published novel 'Spike'. There is going to be quite a bit to talk about including; literature, plushies, and art so hang on to your hats, ears, tails, and any other things you may be wearing.

 Before we get to the meat of the review I would like to provide some back story as to the plot of 'Spike'. Spike is centered around two teenagers and the trials and tribulations they have to endure throughout their chaotic lives. The story's title character Spike, who is very quiet and some what paranoid individual, and Sam, who seems like your average happy go-lucky 15 year old kid. These characters aren't without their share of personal issues. Spike's paranoid nature is the product of living with his abusive, pedophile uncle named Charles. Meanwhile, behind Sam's seemingly laid back nature is a character who is plagued with emotional ups and downs due to struggling with his sexuality.

The Story
 Since we have some back story on who the main characters are lets get into how they are introduced, this will set the stage for what happens later in the story and I think it really shows the polarity of out two main characters. Spike is introduced through a vague few paragraphs where he is is Charles' basement, tied up, laying on the cold floor, thinking about the sickening nature of his day to day life. It does a fantastic job of getting in his head and showing the thoughts and emotions of an abused child. Next we have Sam. Sam is introduced to the reader sitting at a window looking out in the rain waiting for Spike to arrive. After this short sequence we are introduced to Sam's hippie father Saunders. Nothing seems to out of the ordinary in this scene making the later experiences Sam all the more jarring.

 So far Oomi only has the first 16 chapters of 'spike' available to the public, the rest will be out out officially in a novel she hopes to get published soon. That's not to say the first 16 chapters aren't worth reading early. While it's only a small fraction of the whole novel a lot happens in these 16 chapters that take your emotions and throws them around like a dog tears apart a chew toy. Much of this relies on how relateable the characters are and how easy it is to get attached to them. One of the highlights of the story thus far is chapter 12. In this chapter we see a different side of Charles. I won't spoil anything but the emotions that are conjured up are quite jarring. It's a bizarre mix of anger and compassion that really has to be experienced to really understand.

 While I love the characters and their subsequent character development to death the situations and subplots, while mostly relateable and well done they aren't without their flaws. Much of the situations and scenarios Sam and Spike endure one ones that many of us can relate to, be it dealing with bullies or coming out of the closet, they all help set up both the characters and the reader for what occurs in chapter 15 (the story starts at 0) which I can only predict launches us into a large main plot that the story has been working towards so far. While most of the sub-plots and situations are great, others are a bit unbelievable or unrealistic. There is one towards the end which had me scoffing in unbelievability but I'm sure there is a perfectly logical explanation, Oomi has even hinted at a twist pertaining to that scene before.

The Art
 Oomi's art style is fantastic, she draws anatomy almost perfectly, while she rarely draws scenes, when she does they look quite good, granted they aren't without a few continuity errors but it's excusable as they don't generally detract from the flow of the images. Much of her work centers around interactions between Sam and Spike, these can range anywhere from silly poses to more serious images to images that are just downright adorable.

This isn't really it's own section nor do I think it should be reviews under art as the same entity so here it goes. Many of Oomi's comics center around things that have happened in her personal life or they consist of random situations to subject Sam and  Spike to. Most of the comics are laid back in their nature, never taking themselves to seriously, while at the same time providing a small amount of light humor.

 While I haven't seen any of Oomi's Sam and Spike plushies (very few of her fans have) they look absolutely adorable and from what Oomi herself has stated and purely by how they look, they seem like they are super soft. If you happen to get your hands on one than tell the world what they feel like and make this review a bit more credible! These plushies, as Oomi has stated, are meant to be collectors items so if you end of acquiring one some day, keep it away from small children.

 In conclusion, while she isn't without her flaws I think Oomi produces fantastic content, and interacts with her fans on a regular basis. She creates amazing art, entertaining comics, and has, what seems to be, a fantastic story in the works so I think it's a good idea to follow along and see what kinds of emotional and social escapades her characters get themselves into.

4.5/5  :fox-:):

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Re: Oomizuao
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2014, 06:54:30 pm »
OMG I love oomizuao! She's such an art prodigy! Her arts just amazing; I don't know where she learned it, but someone give her an art award! I love the colors, the style, the poses, the situations, and especially the characters! Spike an Sam have got to be some of the most complex characters I've ever read!

Spike is an amazing character, one of the best! He's quiet, he's loud, he's an asshole, he's compassionate, he's emotional, he's got a great backstory, he's smart, he's tempered, he's sad, he's hesitant, he's tortured, Spike's everything you want in a character. Also, you do understand him and what he's going through; when bad thing happen, you really feel sorry for him, especially when you go into his psyche.

Sam is just an adorable and likable guy! While Spike is his polar opposite, he doesn't care; Sam just loves to hang with Spike and be his best friend, and maybe more. Sam also is struggling to know if he likes guys or not, and it's written and portrayed beautifully He's just…doh he's just the nicest kid! You just wanna have sooooooo many conversations with both him and Spike. They're just the most love able and complex characters!

SPIKE is definitely one novel I'm gonna read when it comes out! :lol-fox:
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