Author Topic: This is my review on two things; My beats pro, and the IPod nano 5th gen.  (Read 506 times)

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Ok first the beats;
Everyone wants a pair and I will admit, I kinda wanted a pair too, but I'm not going to lie, I still love these things, mainly cuz if they break my parents will kill me twice. The sound quality is much better than standard headphones, but not worth the $450. these things have some kick ass bass too. They look cool( but never, EVER say I have swag). I personally love the heaviness of them, and it allows me to not forget I'm listening to music through headphones. They have really nice noise isolating ear cups. Now these things go up to around 120-135dB, louder than a jet engine when on your ears and the drivers on these things take it like its nothing. They have some nice features, I like messing around with the swiveling ear cups =^.^=. Now the downside is they are heavy( for some people), they aren't worth $450 and just because they have Dr.Dre's name on it, doesn't make them the best in the world. Get some audio technicas. I only wear my beats because they look cool. But I don't wear em around my neck I actually use them for music. There it is, I rate these blissfully overpriced headphones 3.8 Kira's out of 5 Kira's

Now the iPod:
For Christmas, I got the new Apple iPod nana 5th generation! This thing is so tiny and cute! It has a 16GB flash memory stick in it( I personally have already used up 8.64 GB) and ats nice because people can put music, photos and movies on it. The touch screen on it is just as good of the iPod touch. I really like this thing because battery lats FOREVER!!!! I will listen to music 6-8 hours a day and this thing doesn't need to be charged for 3-4 days when fully charged in just 2.5 hours! Apple did the battery thing right this time. But the one downside for me, no camera, I really wanted that to be on this generation. So there it is, I rate this iPod 4 Kira's our of 5 Kira's

Any suggestions for what I should review next?
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