Author Topic: Review on ALL the Hollywood Undead albums ( long and some explicit language)  (Read 767 times)

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Before they were labeled( background info mainly, some review on unreleased songs):
Back long ago, in 2007, there were 7 guys, Charlie Scene, J-Dog, Deuce, Johnny 3 Tears, Dakurlzz, Funnyman. They wrote the songs, Scene For Dummies, Dead in Ditches, and Turn off The Lights. These were recorded and released on MySpace. They became pretty popular, really quick. And I agree that they deserve this, I love them. So they ma apace in MySpace called Hollywood undead, I also love the name. A few months later they made masks, loved that too. They were gonna be labeled before A&M octone, but the company wanted to completely change them, so they passed those is up, and then came A&M.

Swan Songs(2008):
This is what made them go sky high, I love is album and I still listen to it. The fist single off it, Undead is fucking amazing! Has the message they aren't gonna stop their music and they are gonna rock this place to the ground! The album composes of party songs, and meaningful songs. My favorite party song, No.5, is about living live and having fun while you can, while my second favorite song, Paradise lost, is Sout getting through tough times. This album has a lot of variety and is really good. I give it 3.8 Kira's out of 5

Desperate Measures( 2010):
Jeez, this had too many live and cover songs in it. But I gotta say, the single Dove and Grenade, makes me feel stronger the the goddamn army. While El Urgencia makes me while, loose, and fun. I can't really say a lot about this album because, it shouldn't be called a fucking album. This was not good, needed original songs, not covers. Sorry but this only gets 2.6 Kira's out of 5.

American Tragedy(2011):
Holshit! This has got to be one of their best albums ever. The songs are great, the new lead singer, Danny, is a talented little guy, I can't lie. He has a wide range of vocals, sings amazingly well, and in the song, Been to Hell, he is crazy! So ths album features the truer side to life instead of " hey let's get stoned and get fucked up" but it shows there is loss, sadness, and most importantly, getting back up on your feet. The song Pour Me, is about losing your life to drugs/ alcohol and fixing it, while Comin Back Down, is about not stopping your own life goals and to know there is hope. But there is still the good old party HU songs, Comin In Hot, Gangsta Sexy, Le Deux, etc. I am gonna say this deserves a 4.7 Kira's out of 5 because I felt like they could have added a bit more meaning to a few of their songs ( I Don't wanna Die, Comin Back Down, and Hear me Now, should've been a bit more meaningful, it was kinda hard for me to find the real meaning.)

American Tragedy Redux:
Drop that mothafuckin bass! They went dubstep. No they went and made a new version of dubstep, Partystep! About all I can say, they took eleven of the songs in AT, and dubstepped them, 5 Kira's out of 5, I'm a sucker for Partystep now.

Notes from the Underground:
They went all out on this, party, meaning, rock, it's in there. Lion is by far the best song on the album with its rock background music, and the strong meaningful lyrics. While One more Bottle is an amazing song to party to. Again, loved that song because of the lyrics, and damn, it was amazing. While they also got that Pigskin, about just gettin wasted and having fun to the extreme. But they have their meaningful songs too, such as Medicine, it is about gettin over your addiction. And Outside, is about finding who you are and going home to your true self. This is an amazing album, I highly reccomended listening to it. It is a 4.9 Kira's out of 5. Sorry it didn't have Partystep! ( that is now a genera of music?)

Overall: love them all, it's great. Listen to ll the albums( exept desperate measures, unless you want five new songs and a bunch of covers and live)

Kira out!
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