Author Topic: Review on Landyatchs Tomahawk ( I wanna also try and make a furry skate team X3)  (Read 495 times)

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Ok so for mah birfday I got a Landyatchs Tomahawk, I got a custom setup cuz I know what a good longboard needs. I need new grip tape btw so I'll review that later. Ok the deck, sexy, nice, sleek and stronger than hells army. I have shot it with a pellet gun, the things didn't even have a dent. It has been run over trackside DOWN! It may have flown like 30 feet in the air, but only a scratch on the grip. It has run into curbs nose first at 60mph( it was when I had to bail, I had to get a new helmet cuz it cracked, but I didn't even bleed) and it still is perfectly fine. It has nice flexyness, and has very nice micro drops for sliding( I am tenth best in northeast) so the deck gets a 4.7 Kira's out of 5. If only it had a bit of "w" concave but it's still wor the $170. The gunmetal trucks I have are indestructible, exept the kingpins, they break so if you get them, be sure to get an extra set of the kingpins. So they get a 4.5 Kira's our of 5. The wheels and bearings, perfect, nothing bad with them, thats it. So overall score for them, 4.9 Kira's out of 5
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