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The Americans - Pilot Episode review
« on: January 31, 2013, 05:13:50 pm »


        Alright, so this is one of my most anticipated shows. Airing yesterday (Wednesday, the 30th) of FX, The Americans is a show that revolves around a controversial topic of KGB sleeper-cell spies in America. A husband and wife who are both secretly officers of the Soviet Union live the typical american life, holding a job, and speaking better english than most people. Their new mission is to find and hold an ex. KGB Colonel who defected into America and threatens to risk the entire spy operation of the Soviet Union. As they decide weather or not to kill him, they greet their new neighbors. Neighbors who they learn are part of the F.B.I. Counterintellegence branch, and heading the project against Soviet sleeper cells.

        The Americans is an hour and forty minuets long (subjective), and is rather slow to progress. More of a drama than anything, but a gripping plot. They acting is decent, but some of the minor characters seemed rather off. This first episode contained some rather disturbing scenes, most notably in a flashback, when the wife realizes that the colonel they kidnapped violated her back in Russia. The scene itself is pretty vulgar. Bad parts aside, I was very entertained and enthusiasticly await the next addition.

    My Score: 7.9/10; Pretty Good

The Good:
    • Entertaining
    • Original
    • Gives insight into the life of a Soviet Spy
The Bad:
    • Not historicly accurate
    • Slow to progress
    • Small parts can be inappropriate