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hello guest! Welcome to Furry Teens!!!
« on: April 25, 2013, 03:40:32 am »
(I dont know if this belongs here or in general chatter) Hello guest! Welcome to Furry Teens! or FT for short. we want to welcome all new furs to this site and I hope this post will help you click that register button :) here on FT, you can meet other furs worldwide and speak to eachother about the current happenings of life, (wether it be yours, someone elses, or the news) You can speak about things that bother you without being attacked as here on FT we are all friends here!

(Forgive me for DP'ing) you can speak about things from daily hub bub to more serious matters like the recent bombings. just be sure to read the rules before signing up! you can send personall messages to indivdual members of FT too! I remember the first night I found FT I looked at one post, then signed up! I met many new people since then, and plan to meet many more! its a lot of fun! It has also helped me conquer some of my fears and overcome challenges i had in life. you should sign up! C'ya on the FT!

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