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Anime Review #1: Sword Art Online
« on: April 30, 2013, 09:57:26 pm »
Hi, hello, hey, fellow anime fan from the internets to bring you a review, personal reviews, and a basic overview of this week's anime review. uwu This week, I'm doing Sword Art Online.

Basic Plot:

- The story takes place in 2022, there is a new genre of video games that are becoming wildly popular. They are called Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (or just VRMMORPG) And basically it's where one can mentally enter the game, almost as if they were inside the game itself. This story concentrates on a newly released game called Sword Art Online. Cue the main character known as Kirito. He was a bete tester for the game, and manages to get a copy, along with many other players. However, once they log in, they find out that they cannot log out. This is when the creator of SAO, Kayaba Akihiko, reveals that the players cannot leave the game, unless they manage to get through all 100 floors of the game. There's a twist however, and that is that if the characters die in the game, they die in real life. So now Kirito, along with other players he meets in the game, must beat the game and return to the real world!


- The animation is the anime was very well done. They enforce the detail into the fighting sequences, graphics are good, the animation is smooth and clean, and the artwork is gorgeous. The openings for the anime, as well as the endings, are very well done. Overall, it's very pleasant to look at, and it leaves you wanting for more. ^^


- The music choices for the openings and the endings are very good in my opinion xD Also, the OST offers a wide variety of music, which I also love. A lot. xD


- To be completely downright honest, the only good thing about this anime are the animation quality, art style, and music. That's it.


- Hoo boy. Let's start off with the lack of character development and the sharp downward spiral that the story takes. The characters are overall, very bland and don't develop as a human being as they should in a good quality story .-. Kirito is an anti-social, lone wolf character, for throughout the entire series, which gets very boring, very quickly. Not to mention that he is a total Mary Sue, by performing impossible feats defying the game's system wow. Also, with every female that he meets, they all fall in love with him for some reason. The other main character, Asuna, is also a Mary Sue. Even though she has never played an RPG game before, she is totally kick ass in the game for some reason, and everybody loves her too. ._. In terms of story, the plot had such great potential, that once it turned into shit, I almost bawled my eyes out. It goes from a game of survival to a harem filled with fairies, cat girls, and a shit load of unnecessary fan service.


- Pretty art, music, and animation, however, poor plot and character development ruin everything.


- Meh, probably a 6.5...

I'm not telling you that you shouldn't watch SAO, but watch at your own risk you guys...

(I'll also try to post up a new anime review every Tuesday or so, but if I can't, I'll just do it whenever I want xD)
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