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Close to the Edge - Yes
« on: May 13, 2013, 02:41:05 pm »
Nothing much to say here, except this, as far as I'm concerned, sounds like heaven. Nothing can make me dislike this album, the gorgeous melodies, sublime harmonies, top notch musicianship, dense, layered, luscious instrumentation, pretty, poetic lyrics, to me, this is why music exists.

You know, Yes and Progressive Rock in general has gotten a name for itself being machoistic show off's who do nothing but stand around and solo for hours on end. While in some cases, that statement stands true (I dunno, to me that statement applies more to Metal, but whatever), but this isn't showing off, this is very, very impressive composition, now showing off here, all music, wonderful sublime music.

And to this day, as far as I'm concerned, "And You and I" is the greatest moment in Prog history, and perhaps in Rock.

So yeah... I like it!

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