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Injustice review
« on: August 07, 2013, 06:43:03 am »
So recently being the fan of the fan of DC that I am, I picked up injustice expecting it to be an almost copy and paste reskinned mortal kombat with my favorite super Heroes like batman, green lantern, green arrow, and other popular DC characters,  I'm happy to say that this game is much more then that though Ed Boon and the folks over at nether realms studios did a fantastic job. It plays out like mortal kombat but it feels much more fluent and fast paced in comparssion mk9, instead of a combo breaker, you get a clash wager once your life bar gets down to a certain point, the wager consists of spending meter you've earned in the match to either regain or take additional damage depending on whose attacking or defending. Combos are much easier to pull off being made up of light, medium, and heavy attacks with each character having a special trait for them, for example green arrow uses elemental arrows like fire, ice, and electricity, while characters like aquaman have more passive traits, (basically a fast charging combo breaker) there are also two types of characters: gadget characters like batman, nightwing,green arrow, joker, Harley Quinn, the flash are examples of characters who use gear and technology to gain an upper hand along with more mobility in most cases. Then there are power characters like superman, green lantern, wonderwoman, bane, Solomon Grundy are all power characters who use raw strength and ocassionly certain buffs to ehance their abilities. In mid combat there are two things that change the playing field one being interactables you can use in the fight, most gadget characters can use interactables repeatedly, and meter burning which allows you to extend your combos for longer periods of time for more damage. And level transitions which sends one character flying off the screen being damaged by things in the environment before resuming the fight in a different area. That covers about all of the new mechanics. Moving onto the story which is in an alternate reality where superman becomes mad with power after losing his wife and kid to the joker and becomes a dictator of Gotham and metropolis, using fear he creates a league of super "Heroes" to dictate the two cities taking on the on the name of the regime, while an underground group of Heroes and certain villains led by an alternate batman calling them selves the insurgency. The story is relatively short and enjoyable if you don't mind playing through the story mode, there is also a challenge ladder similar to the one in mk9 but each focuses on teaching a set character (most of the time) some of them can be annoyingly tedious, but it's not the main course of the game, mutliplayer is enjoyable online due to a stable net code (very little lag from my experience) there are
A lot of things to enjoy, the combat is more stylized then in mk9. The voice acting is all around solid with good sound effects. There is no tag team mode which I thought worked out better for learning one at a time, but that's just in my opinion, the game is enjoyable and has plenty of things to do to keep a player busy with it's vast collection of different battle modes. With everything said and done, the story was somewhat flat, but short to keep it from being dragged out too long. Some characters play little to no role in the story at points, there is still spamming online with projectiles and interactables, but if you can look past that nether realms has created another solid fighting game. An 8.7/ of 10 the only thing holding it back is it's questionable character choices, lack of weight in the story, and often characters getting upright in ignored in the story.

Hope my review was helpful to anyone thinking about getting the game, this was my first review so I tried pretty hard to be detailed and informative. Thanks for reading my review :)