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The Winery Dogs Self titled album
« on: August 29, 2013, 11:08:08 pm »
Alright, so my first review, but music lovers, I hope this helps you decide to get this amazing album! First off, a bit of stuff about The Winery Dogs. THey are a trio, formed by Dream Theater's now ex drummer Mike Portnoy, Guitarist and Vocalist Richie Kotzen, and Bassist Billy Sheehan. First Ill start by saying, Portnoy has been flipping around after quitting Dream Theater, but I think The Winery Dogs is where he belongs. THe whole concept of TWDs is to bring back the classic rock "power trio" like Rush and many other classic rock bands. Their album features songs with great lyrics, some fun guitar riffs and in my opinion some very interesting bass lines. The structure and style of their music is also very unique and cool. They have what is, in my opinion an updated version of classic rock, with the classic sounding guitar and vocals while using a newer sounding overall idea. For comparisons, the band sounds a lot like Sound Garden, Alice in Chains, Poison, and Mr. Big. If I had to pick a favorite song in the album, it would be Elevate. I love the verse riff and the chorus gives you the classic sing-along classic rock feel.

While I myself am more of a metal oriented person, I heard about The Winery Dogs and my only point of interest at first was the fact that Mike Portnoy was in it. Looking into it more, I read the review of their album on, which is by the way the best metal/rock news site ever, and they gave it a whopping 9.5 out of 10. This got me interested. I listened to some previews and soon bought the album over Itunes and its safe to say that it is money well spent. It is one of the few albums I can say that every song on it is good.

My final conclusion is, if you are a metalhead, take a break from your face melting goodness and go back to your rock and roll roots by giving The Winery Dog's self titled album a listen. You certainly WON'T regret it.

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