Author Topic: Why did you pick your fursona's species?  (Read 16382 times)

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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #100 on: July 29, 2014, 03:08:08 am »
I've already extensively covered why I chose a Fallow deer when creating Gage, but I guess can explain the basis behind some of my other fursonas.

Daimhín originally began as attempt to create a character that better reflected how I appear in real life. It was difficult choosing a species, but I knew I wanted it to be another deer, like Gage. I started looking at more obscure species of deer because Fallow deer and White-tailed deer are now really common in the fandom. I then found an unsung species known as the Barasingha, an endangered Indian species of deer. So far I haven't seen anybody else with a Barasingha fursona.

I think Barasingha are a beautiful species -- capturing the elegance and majesty of Red deer stags and the cuteness of Fallow deer. After looking further into them, I found them really interesting and found that I related to them more than other species of deer. Their history and endangerment sounded like a compelling background, I find Indian wildlife and culture quite interesting and they're even born in the Autumn like I am, whereas a lot of deer in the norther hemisphere are born in the Spring. With all of that I constructed a backstory borrowing themes and imagery from works like Bambi and The Jungle Book.

I often work with Alpacas at my job, and have grown quite an attachment to them as well as other Camelids. In fact I typically get closer to them than I do to the rather reclusive Fallow deer. In addition to being shy animals, they can also be quite comical and flamboyant, constantly demanding food and playing around when you enter their compound. Like them, I also can be quite boisterous in certain environments and love the reciprocal nature of some types of banter. So I decided I wanted to create a Camelid character to represent the hidden cheekier side of my personality.

I chose a Vicuña particularly because they're even rarer than Alpacas and Llamas in the fandom, in addition to being wild animals that inhabit beautiful locations in South America such as the Andes. I also found it comical to have him hate being confused with Llamas, which I knew was naturally bound to happen, and have already joked about this. Llamas and their close relatives have a reputation for being overly sensitive and prone to drama.

Peter was based off of my favourite species of bird, the Blue Tit. I think they're really cute birds with a beautiful plumage. To me, Tits have always seemed like rather innocent and non-threatening birds. And as such I wanted to create a character reflecting my naive and occasionally childish demeanour. Because Peter has high hopes of being a famous flyer in the bird world, I think he represents some of my childhood aspirations and my positive view of the world. He's also modeled after how I looked as a young teenager, because I was really chubby back then, and I think it makes him look cute and it contrasts well with the slender physique of most of my other fursonas.
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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #101 on: July 29, 2014, 03:32:01 am »
I've had a really strong connection with cats for a long time (even to the point where a purr in my sleep and make random cat noises without realizing O.o ) and while researching different cat breeds, i came across the somali cat and they were so beautiful~ and since then, my fursona had been a red somali cat : 3
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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #102 on: July 31, 2014, 08:34:48 pm »
I've always found foxes interesting and cool, so when I first learned of the furry fandom circa 2 years ago I thought why not make my fursona a fox.
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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #103 on: August 28, 2014, 01:02:39 pm »
I have always felt like a lone wolf so I decided that's what I wanted the base of my fursona to be. I made her part fairy because Maleficent is a fairy and she's alway been one of my favourite Disney characters and when the new version came out I fell in love with her new horns and wings so decided to use them on my fursona to represent my involvement in the disney fandom. I made her part dragon because I find dragons are very misunderstood creatures and I often feel misunderstood, it also explains the horns when people are really stubborn and don't believe Maleficent's a fairy
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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #104 on: August 28, 2014, 04:37:50 pm »
I already explained Kage some, but I have yet to explain Aisu, I think.
Aisu, like Kage is based off some japanese shapechanger lore, but his shape changing breed is actually mostly based off of white wolf games. I picked a raven though, because of their intelligent, but cold nature. Though Aisu is quieter then most ravens, he does have the same watchfulness and wits, though not a great sense of humor.

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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #105 on: August 28, 2014, 04:51:20 pm »
I've always loved dragons, and a really cool thing I thought about them was that in almost all cultures, dragons existed, even though they had no contact with each other. I enjoy the fact that they appear differently in other cultures, and the coloring of them isn't verified because they are mythical.
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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #106 on: August 28, 2014, 06:00:27 pm »
I was a HUGE fan of the Balto movies growing up and I used to dream of having my own sled dog team to race with, so when I found the furry fandom and started creating a fursona I knew I was a Siberian Husky right away. It just felt right. Husky's are all about teamwork and loyalty, and I really value those qualities.
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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #107 on: January 02, 2015, 10:23:41 pm »
I chose a wolf because I share many personality traits with them. I'm a mess(depressed, nervous breakdowns and stuff) without a pack(group) and also if I'm with a group I will defend them and stay loyal to them. Also I ******* love wolves  :D
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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #108 on: January 02, 2015, 10:56:20 pm »
Toshirosu is from my love of felines, especially snowy colored ones.

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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #109 on: January 02, 2015, 11:07:51 pm »
I think the border collie resembles me best. I also am just fond of wolves. I had a border collie named Angel. Angel sadly died on Febuary 18th of 2012. So, in memory of her I chose a border collie/wolf for Lona.

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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #110 on: January 03, 2015, 04:49:07 pm »
Well, for me, a while I was trying to find something other than wolf while still canine in appearance, and I had discovered that I like the appearance of foxes better. On top of that, they're independent and smart, which I think fits me.
For my alternates, I like rabbits aesthetically (they were one of my first favorite animals when I was younger), and I wanted a strong animal, hence the hyena. Spotted hyenas are also surprisingly clever, and they have leading females.
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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #111 on: January 03, 2015, 04:54:33 pm »
Cause I like wolves.

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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #112 on: January 03, 2015, 09:05:10 pm »
i love reptiles , thats it kinda
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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #113 on: January 03, 2015, 09:08:22 pm »
i picked my favourite animal wow
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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #114 on: January 16, 2015, 04:34:45 am »
i was trying to settle down on one animal and i liked foxes alot but i kinda wanted to stand out from our day to day red fox and after about 5 hours of researching different types of foxes i settled on the silver fox because i like silver and i like how they look  :fox-:):
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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #115 on: January 16, 2015, 10:03:05 am »
With Chat's original design, I included an aspect from each of my four old "main" sonas, and added some hyena traits. 'case hyenas are bad-ass mo'fo's. It was supposed to be a balanced reflection of both inner and outer self at any given time, back when that's more or less what I was doing with my sonas.
As for its current design... I still enjoy association with hyena, they're surprisingly strong (one of the most powerful bites in the animal kingdom, baby, aw yeah) and I love the matriarchal structure of spotted hyena packs and the loyalty of striped hyenas, but I felt I fit the striped variety better; the main component of its design is based off of them. It also has some reptilian influence in the forearms, tail, and horns; they could be seen as more lizard-like, but they're meant to be based on dragons, which I've loved since I was very little, and it's thanks to an art book about drawing them that I got into drawing, which is a huge component of who I am and what makes me happy. It also still sort of carries its original purpose, though I draw Chat performing plenty of shenanigans as well. Forgot to add -- Chat also has a ruff of black feathers around its neck, meant to pay some homage to crows and ravens. I absolutely adore corvids, crows and ravens in particular, and I associate with them a lot as well. Hell, some of my online friends refer to me as "crow", if that says anything. (Though I don't do this often, I sometimes draw Chat with crow wings, as well.)

As for old sonas...
Vivian was a teeny little white dragon with fuchsia-colored, dragonfly-like wings and gradient orange horns (I called her a 'fairy dragon'), and she was supposed to represent the sides of me that were quick-tempered/easily frustrated, as well as some of my more externally noticeable anxieties. (Her small size was a reference to my feelings, both then and now, that even my most powerful, angry emotions just aren't all that threatening.) As a dragon, she was also still a homage to both my first oc/sona and to my dear love of dragons, both as amazing creatures and as the things that got me into drawing.
Echo was a relatively plain cat-- white fur, brown paws, and a brown dorsal stripe and brown tail with a white tip. She was meant to be the more laid-back, easygoing side of me, though with bursts of energy and enthusiasm-- think kittens. Love to nap and relax, but also love to play. Its cat's laziness that I associate with most in the creatures.
Buzzard was a mostly normal dog, but he wore cool-ass shades (I may or may not have been thinking of Dave Strider...) and had a ruff of feathers around his neck, and something of a feathery mohawk. He was the part of me that wanted to be cool, chill, sarcastic, and had a lot of my dry humour. He also embodied a bit of anxiety as well, hiding his eyes with those shades, as if trying to hide his emotions. As for why a dog, it was symbolic for loyalty. I do my best to be a loyal friend and person, even if I make mistakes sometimes.
Finally, Enigma was... well, it's hard to say what exactly it was. It had feathers, though, and mockingbird-inspired colors, but what creature it itself was, I'm not sure to this day, ahah. Enigma was my more quiet, reserved, and bookish side, and embodied a lot of my more depressed, sorrowful emotions. Enigma wore a mask to hide its face, and it cried a lot, sometimes without even realizing that it was doing so. It also happened to have black tears, black saliva and a black tongue. Why? Because why not.
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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #116 on: January 16, 2015, 11:31:09 am »
I don't know if I posted here, but here they are
I choose cheetah for Velox because, at the time, they are my favorite animal.  I just loved how they were like a spring and could go 60 mph.
Jet is a falcon.  The same goes for the speed of the falcon, and I love to fly planes, so one of my fursonas just had to be a bird.
I am thinking of making another fursona, possibly a giraffe, since it was my first favorite animal.
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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #117 on: January 16, 2015, 12:05:19 pm »
i am a gross hairless rat jst like elektra
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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #118 on: January 16, 2015, 02:39:32 pm »
I already posted about Krowdon, so I'll talk a little about Tanja.

I decided I wanted a character to roleplay and stuff with that wasn't Krowdon, since there are things that Krowdon won't work for. (Not that there arent things I can't do with Tanja, I've come to discover.)

A little over a year ago, I was designing myself a new fantroll, and she needed a lusus. While doing research, I stumbled upon helhests. I kind of fell in love with them, so when I decided to pick a new character, I thought it'd be fun to do something a little different than a regular animal.

There's not much out there on what helhests look like, other than the fact they have 3 legs, so I just made Tanja missing a limb, and gave her a skull face (and under her clothes she has a thin frame). I went with skull face because helhests are associated with death. (Also I like characters with skull faces, and a horse has a pretty cool skull in my opinion.)

I picked buckskin colors for her because that's my favorite color for a horse to be haha.
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Re: Why did you pick your fursona's species?
« Reply #119 on: January 17, 2015, 10:15:53 pm »
I picked Wolf for multiple reasons:
1: It's something common. And I'm not anyone special, I'm just a person like anyone else.
2: Not to be racial, but I'm African-Asian, but I act like I'm full Japanese. But I'd be grouped in as African American. So another words, I look like a wolf, but I act like a cat. I look African, but I act Asian.
3: I love reptiles... But I think I'm more of the type of person that would be that weird science guy studying and adoring dragons and reptiles, rather than being a dragon or reptile.
4: I love the heat, but I love Snow, so I felt like the whole wolf from the dessert, in a coat traveling east, fits me.
5: Foxes felt like it was a sneaky race, and I'm way too open and honest about everything. (Or I prefer to be.) Cats... Meh... I like cats over wolves, but I dunno. Dragon/reptile, I already stated. Everything else... Meh... So I just went with Wolf.
6: The weird part of this is that, I'm scared of dogs. LOL. But I feel like I'm not at peace at all around people, unless there friends, so... Yeah...
7: Once I grow up a bit, I do plan on changing to a dragon. But I felt like right now, I'm not honest with who I want to be and what I like to do. So once I feel honest about myself, I'll switch to Dragon or reptile.
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