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DMC: Devil May Cry (Xbox 360)
« on: November 09, 2013, 08:47:54 pm »
Well this is my first review but since i want to get into reviewing i think this would be a good place to start...
So with out further adieu, DMC: Devil May Cry

Lets get this out of the way... There are problems with the game, and id be lying if said i liked everything they changed in this reboot, too start off i hate... HATE what they did to Virgil's character in this, the old Virgil had honour, this one killed an unarmed pregnant woman (Was a demon i know but still) in the most gruesome way you could ever imagine.
And people who liked the prior Virgil are with me on this... He's an ass in this, and some of the dialogue in this game completely gave away the... Okay if you didn't think i was gonna spoil this then.... Shame on you.

It completely gave away the mind blowing OMG causing revelation that Virgil! The villain and antagonist to Dante in other games... Is evil.

And the way it is revealed made me laugh so hard... I cant be alone on this, because here's how it went (Essentially)
Upon defeating the demon lord Mundas you find yourself looking over the city now in ruin due to the demons being able to enter the human world and wreak havoc. We turn to see Dante and Kat standing next to Virgil, they start talking and i'm like "Well it looks like Virgil is a good guy after all! And he is totally not going to be evil in any way at all!."
Then... I swear to god, and all that is holy. This is how the dialogue went (I am not kidding)
*Dante* "The beginning of the end for the demons. Mankind will be free." *Me* "Wait for it." *Virgil* "Yes. Free from the demons, the path is clear for us to rule." *Me* "AND THERE IT IS!"
Seriously who didn't see that coming...

Next is the nit pick list... Lets see how high it gets?
1)DMC: Devil May Cry... Devil May Cry Devil May Cry...
2) There was a moment in the beginning when Dante was going through an amusement park, and in all the chaos a random white wig (reminiscent of the old Dante) lands on our protagonists head. To which he says "Not in a million years.." I had no problem with this, but towards the end (For some reason that is at best confusing) His hair is turned white... That's dumb...
3)The Mundas fight was pathetic..
4)Secondary weapons after the first set of devil trigger weapons (Osiris and Arbitor) you will rarely use..
5) Weapon skin option available... Weapon skins have to be purchased with real money...

Now on to the good things.
I bet you weren't gonna guess this but... I LOVE THIS GAME.
Its gameplay is a lot slicker then past iterations and it feels a lot more natural when Dante is fighting. Even the simple act of swinging the mighty Rebellion looks very nice and sleek.
The boss fights in this game.. MY GOD THE BOSS FIGHTS, they are so good (except the aforementioned Mundas fight)
The dialogue between the bosses in my opinion is great, i heard people say that its immature... Duh? Its Dante? He's an overly happy gun crazy man child? Of course he's immature? It's Devil May Cry not Shakespeare. But i would have to highlight the Bob Barbus fight... What can be said about this fight that hasn't already been said... It made me feel things for a game i never thought possible.

Now the list of things i liked with the game. HERE WE GO!

1) The boss fights are stylistic (Except Mundas) original (Except Mundas) the dialogue for them is amazing (not Mundas..) and they all have challenge to them and make you change your tactics mid way through the battle! (F!CK MUNDAS).

2) The difficulty in this game feels at home in any DMC game, if i had to say one thing its this.. The difficulty ramp is WAY to damn high. Say the difficulty is a scale of 1-10, the easy mode would be like a 0.5, the normal mode a 1, the hard mode (Which is what i played starting off) would be like a 2 maybe 3. But when you unlock the very hard mode (Son of Sparda) which is like 7!! and there are still 3 more difficultly levels after it! But its not unfair, you get good at it and your in heaven! or hell... (If you played the game, you just laughed a bit.)

3) The redesign of Dante... I like it... You want more? Oh well, i like it simply because it just seems like what Dante would look like if he were a little more realistic. But that's just me.

4) The clever dialogue, yup its clever. But in a cheesier way then it ever was! I remember when you first fought the Harpy enemy Dante says "You flocking bastards!" I giggled like a school girl. Oh! and the banter back and forth between Dante and Virgil during one of the missions towards the end left me with a massive smile on my face!

5) Okay, i mentioned the boss fights before but this... This is not a simple boss fight.. The fight with Virgil at the end of the game will separate the men from the boys, the weak from the chapt, and the awkwardly feminine from the possibly Canadian! This fight even on my first playthrough, took me a grand total of maybe 2 hours to complete. This fight makes you have switch up your current tactics of fighting in order to combat the fighting style of your dear old brother! This fight was... Perfect.

6) The voice acting is top notch! (as in i didn't have a problem with it and if i did i would hate it.) On a related note, the Succubus was excellently done by a voice actor form whom i am to lazy to look up.

All and all, i love the game and have logged a countless amount of hours in it. and will continue until i get to beat Hell and Hell difficulty... Look it up. You'l be terrified... Hell i'm still scared.
It has its flaws... Let me rephrase that, It has its MUNDAS.
But if you like difficult action games than certainly pick up a copy!

So if i were to score it out of 10 i would probably have to say...

A good game that has some things that drag it down
...I'm lookin at you Mundas
All in all check it out!

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