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Persona 4 Golden REDO
« on: November 27, 2013, 04:11:07 pm »
Okay that last review sucked so I'm writing a more detailed one.
I will judge based on 5 factors:

Here goes.

Graphics: This game is cool in that it features both 3-d animated gameplay and anime-style cut scenes.
The characters may seem simple in 3-D animation, but the 2-D animation is stunningly good. 
There are some parts of the game that have cool, slightly blurred/ dreamlike movement that seemed interesting.
Also, the game seems to combine traditional manga elements with a more modern 3-D world.

Score: 4/5

Characters: Oh boy. 
The characters in this game cannot be fully described.  They are so well designed and realistic that some parts can make you cry.

The characters are set up so that you have to establish social links with them in order to strengthen your power, and each character has their own unique story. 

A nurse struggles with burnout as she overworks herself to forget her guilt.  A young mother struggles to connect with her husband's unexpected son.  A girl in the drama club must deal with the death of her true father- who abandoned the mother.  Throughout the game, you must develop bonds with these people.
The main characters have to face their suppressed self (shadow) and overcome it to gain their power known as persona.  For example, one girl’s shadow appears as a caged bird to represent her feelings of not having a choice.  After winning the battle with the shadow, the caged bird develops a beautiful plumage of feathers and becomes the girl’s fiery persona.

Score: 5/5

Plot: The game takes place in Inaba, where a love triangle is the main news story. You play as the protagonist (named by you), who is moving to Inaba because his parents’ business trip.  On the way there, you have a dream about a strange car known as the velvet room.  You stay with a man named Dojima and his daughter, Nanako, once you arrive.
At your new school, Yasogami high, you meet 3 kids: Yosuke Hanamura, Chie Satonaka, and Yukiko Amagi.  One day, at school, you hear about the murder of one of the females involved in the love triangle previously mentioned: Her body was found hanging from an antenna.
A rumor is spreading around the school called the midnight channel: If you stare into an unplugged television on a rainy midnight, you will see your soul mate.  You try this out with your friends and discover 2 things:
1.   You can place your hand through a television screen, in other words, you can go to another world inside of the television.
2.   The midnight channel shows the next person who will die when fog appears.

In the realm inside of the television, you meet a strange bear named Teddie, and encounter violent creatures known as shadows.  You and your friends face shadows of your suppressed self, to gain the power known as persona…
The plot of this game is clever and interesting.  There are lots of unexpected twists, and the storyline gradually gets more and more intense.  Some parts are hilarious, others are tragic, bizarre, disturbing, and suprising.
Score: 4.5/5
Soundtrack: This game has an incredible soundtrack.  Each song is perfect for the event it matches, and the boss themes are great- especially the final boss theme.  The songs cover a wide range of moods.  One specific song, titled “Who’s there” manages to remain creepy no matter how much you play the game.  My favorite is the battle victory theme, “Period.”
Score: 5/5
Gameplay:  This is RPG, so there is a lot of dungeon crawling involved.  Basically, you have to navigate through a dungeon, fighting shadows until you reach the top/bottom floor where you fight the boss and rescue the victim.  When you discover a shadow, you have to try to get behind it and strike so you can have the first turn.  Your party of 4 players (which are chosen from a varied group) can attack (with their weapon), guard, use an item, or utilisze their persona’s powers.  Each character’s persona has certain advantages and weaknesses, for example, they are weak to fire based moves but can repel ice moves.  The gameplay can get especially hard during the boss battles in which you fight a person’s shadow. 
As well as a dungeon crawling experience, the game also offers a high school life experience.  You can get a job, fish, eat, study for a quiz to become more popular, or develop social links.  Also, there are a lot of humorous events, such as the school camping trip.  The game is both crazy in its battles and realistic in its high school student life simulation.
Also, the game can be played multiple times, for multiple endings, as every decision you make affects the ending.
Score: 4.5/5

Overall score: 23/25.
This game, in my opinion, is phenomenal.  It offers an emotional experience with intense action.
Also, it was pretty much the whole reason I bought the PS Vita.
I would recommend it mostly to mature teens, as some elements are slightly adult such as violence, sexuality, and the overall mood of the game.
However, I would say that it is a classic game, and deserves a lot more attention.

Some images of the game:

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Re: Persona 4 Golden REDO
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2013, 07:03:45 pm »
Very well worded, and a very good summation of the game!
I especially like what you did when you brought up the Social Link feature of the game, the way you put it provoked curiosity in the characters without giving to much away!

All around, you definitely knew what you were talking about.
And the fact that the multiple scores gave a much broader scope of what to expect from the game.
Its nice to see my little "Critique" inspired you to re-write it!
And re-write it THIS well!

I look forward to another review if you plan to do one!

(Also, as soon as it got to soundtrack i knew that would be a 5 XD The soundtrack in anything Shin Megami Tensei is always amazing lol)