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Deafheaven's "Sunbather" Review
« on: December 19, 2013, 12:02:38 pm »
I'm going to do an album review, so prepare yourselves.

What's the best way to classify this album. I don't even know, I think hipster-black metal is a good way. Anyways this album is AMAZING! This album has 7 tracks, 4 of which are 10 minutes or above and are epic sounding. This is probably the happiest black metal album I've ever listened to. People describe the album as sounding like "Explosions in the Sky" with someone screaming over the instrumentals, it sounds to me that "My Bloody Valentine" and "Godspeed you! Black Emperor" combined got pissed off and decided to make metal. I've also heard it's like a far more pissed off M83, anyway you get the idea. This is a black metal album that borrows from HEAVY shoegaze and post-rock influences. The vocals also seem to borrow off of screamo. The album has a very ethereal, warm sound to it. It makes me reminisce of summertime. (In fact the album cover is colored like how your eyelids look when you close your eyes and look at the sun). The lyrical content in this album is much the same as other black metal albums, HOWEVER a lot of it is very poetic and requires you to soak it in to understand. It's not as straight up aggressive as other black metal albums. The opener "Dream House" is the most popular song on the album. It opens up with very heavy shoegaze elements, and once you hear the screaming begin you just think to yourself "Woah this is actually a black metal album." The song slows down, then picks up very quick once again. At this point in the song you feel like you're listening to Godspeed's "Raise your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven" when you're not. Then the song slows down and takes you into the second track "Irresistible" which segways you from the first song into the third song. It is a very soft guitar song and builds up until you enter the third track, "Sunbather". This song sounds much like a continuation of Dream House, however the chord progression is a little different. This song proceeds on sounding like MBV, Godspeed, and at some points like a screamo song. "Sunbather" is definitely my favorite song off the album. The ending to the song sounds like a closer to a very epic post-rock song, and then you're brought into the fourth song, "Please Remember". This song scarily sounds like Godspeed's  "Welcome to ARCO AM/PM" in the beginning. About 2 minutes in the guitars begin droning and bringing you into the second half of the song. The second half is a very soft acoustic interlude sounding much like a late Pink Floyd song sans vocals. After this song comes "Vertigo". It starts off very soft and jazzy then works into a little guitar interlude that's pretty soft. About 4 minutes in the song gets very heavy and metal sounding. 5 minutes in is when the screaming and very high tempo begins. THis is the point in the album where you feel like you're listening to a Screamo MBV song. Then about 7 and a half minutes in it slows down with a very heavy wall of sound, then picks up again. The thing that is interesting about this song is it sounds like a black metal song you would hear in a very very happy dream. 10 minutes in the song quiets down and brings out only the guitar without any effects. (Except for the occasional scream from the singer). 12 minutes in it gets really heavy and melodic, but remains slow tempoed. This goes up until 14 minutes in where the guitars begin a very upbeat melodic interlude with heavy effects on the sound making it sound so dreamy and ethereal. The song then closes and then "Windows" begins. This 4 minute song is almost like another Godspeed song, with the heavy piano and people talking in the background. After this song we're brought into "The Pecan Tree". This song hits you like a brick. Very heavy, fast tempoed guitars with so many effects it sound like the dreamiest metal song ever. About a minute in a half in it slows down a bit and the guitars get piled on with more effects and sound far more ethereal than anything on the album.  This continues until about 4 minutes in when a nice quiet guitar interlude begins. The drums begin playing softly in the background, being proceeded by the bass and rhythm guitarist. Then an out of tune piano comes in and they all begin layering on each other. This continues until about 8 minutes in when the guitars come in very heavy and it continues to keep it's nice slow, upbeat tempo. About 9 minutes in a very screamo sounding guitar interlude begins behind the heavy rhythm guitar and it sounds like a very produced screamo song. The album begins to slow down and about 11 minutes into the song the instruments fade away softly. Definitely a great closer for a great album.

All in all though this is definitely one of the best albums of 2013. This is probably the most upbeat, happiest metal music that I have ever listened to. I'm not a big fan of Black Metal, but if more ad more comes out sounding like this album then I may become a bigger fan. This album gets a 9.5/10 from me. There are some points that are weak for me, but in the end that is all compensated by the MBV and Godspeed sound this album has. Definitely an epic listen. You can purchase the album on the band's BandCamp or iTunes page.
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