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« on: January 02, 2005, 10:13:06 pm »
smallpox was the show presented on FX set up as a fictonal documentary of a world wide Smallpox epedemic in 2002.  It followed sevral leading health officials, and a family recently moved to london from New York.  A man, acting alone, obtained, grew, and infected himself with the smallpox virus.  He goes out and spreads it around downtown New York.  Having infected sevral people, he goes off nad dies in a subway tunal, not to be found for another 7 weeks.  With in 4 days, over 100 people in New york are infected, and it has spread by plane to other countries.  Governments do not have enough vacine for everyone, and fear turns to panic as people flee the citys.  Harsh quarintnes are set up all over the world, and hundreds of thousands die.

When i frst saw it staring, i thought it would be like the infamous "War of the Worlds" radio brodcast that cause panic across the US on holoween years ago.  I dont doubt that there will be a slight increese in the number of people asking for Smallpox vacine shortly, time will tell.

The thing about this 2 hour program was that it was compleatly plausable.  it was an acurate portrale of what may very well happen in such an event.

Overall, a good program, one that played to peoples fears, and was beleivable.
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