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Applying for elite highschool..
« on: February 05, 2014, 12:59:46 am »
I've been pretty anxious about applying for a very college-like residential high school in my state. The citeria, I hear, is based mainly on your drive/motivation, less on your actual grades as long as they have effort. I have to get a transcript and take the ACT for it...

They have four math classes, and more classes than an average highschool; only 100 or so, after in-person interviews, out of the whole amount of students in the state that apply will be accepted, and it's completely free

So it's a really good opportunity; the only problem is the questions...

For instance: what did you do this past summer, what science/math acticites have you been involved with, in and out of school, in the past 2 years. A few are kinda personal: describe a stressful event in your life, how you coped with it, and what you learned from it, describe a situation where you have to make an ethical decision about your behavior, etc.

I also need recommendations from my teachers/counselor. I honestly bare little mind to them and hardly speak to them in class :/ And, sadly, I've never approached my counselor before

So, I need some woe to do; I'm just wondering if you guys might help me answer these questions they're asking/; because, honestly, I haven't participated in any math/science activities (outside the internet atleast) due to my mom's busy schedule and lack of money to join any sort of camps. Plus, my school doesn't have a Science fair or anything :/

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Re: Applying for elite highschool..
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2014, 01:08:54 am »
Too tired right now to think about the questions part, buuuut I wouldn't worry too much about the recommendations. In my experience, just being a good, respectful student is enough to get a good recommendation from a teacher c: Plus, the counselor can see your grades and stuff (if they're like the ones I had in high school), so they might have more of an impression about you than you think =P

This opportunity sounds awesome though, good luck! <3
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Re: Applying for elite highschool..
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2014, 06:42:23 am »
As someone who had to apply for a really high standard private highschool (1970+ on the SSAT plus a interview and a math test in the second round) here are a few tips that helped me.
- Be honest on your application. If you lie and there is an interview part, they will catch you out on this
- Talk to your Counselor , try to get her/him to know you better so that they can write a good recommendation that is in your favor
- when asking for recommendations, always ask for a positive one (if teacher decline, go as another one) and try to pick your best/favorite teachers
- in the application, try to show who you are. Show your interests and what you like to do. There might be a way to twist the questions in your favor, but it really depends on the actual questions themselves. Dont overlook this on tough questions. If you cant put something in for a section, give reasons why

If you get past the application, you can PM me if you need some help with the interview portion. I sat through one of those as well and it can get nervous.
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