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In the Doghouse of Justice by Kyell Gold
« on: March 31, 2014, 02:07:58 pm »
Talk about a great idea executed amazingly.  :fox-:):

Based on the comic books mentioned inside Kyell Gold's Waterways, this book is an anthology of several short stories revolving a superhero club named the League of Canids. In the club is a dingo who can see into the history of anything and anyone he touches, a wolf who can replicate herself, a coyote why can teleport in the blink of an eye, and even this one Superman-like wolf named WonderWolf.

At first, I expected there to be action in these stories, but instead these stories focused more on the dilemmas of being a superhero and the impact it can have on their loved ones. And honestly, the stories in here pull it off extremely well. This makes the superheroes more relate able and seem more real. The stories focusing more on their secret lives gives each their own personality behind the powers an makes the stories interesting even more. (Some of these stories are freaking hilarious! :lol-fox: ) Though, sometimes they can be a bit vague at times.

I honestly have little to complain about other than that I want to read more. Still I guess that's a good complaint. I'd give a 10/10! If you have the time, check out 'In the Doghouse of Justice' now!
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