Author Topic: IMPORTANT: Quote towers, off-topic discussions, & spamming  (Read 875 times)

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IMPORTANT: Quote towers, off-topic discussions, & spamming
« on: April 23, 2014, 01:31:15 pm »
Hi all!
Recently, we've had an influx of borderline-spammy posts, and huge quote towers. We're not super strict about the definition of spam, but we've gotten enough member complaints to warrant a community-wide discussion about this. Nobody's in trouble or anything; but hopefully you'll be able to identify if you do these behaviors, and work to stop it without needing staff intervention.

Quote towers: Huge quote towers are a nuisance, and an eyesore. Various members have been complaining that they make the site look spammy, and the staff generally agree with that. Quote towers just increase loading and scrolling time and are unnecessary, especially if its a one-on-one conversation. We do have the technical option to turn quote towers off, but there's a bigger problem behind them:

Off-topic discussions: If you HAVE to quote someone in a topic multiple times so people know the context, chances are you're having an off-topic discussion. Quoting part of someone's post to refute it in a debate thread is OK; quoting someone over and over so you can have a discussion about your dogs in a topic about someone's college decisions is not. This is especially happening in both the rant boards in Anger Management, especially Minor Rants. Several members have expressed discomfort after seeing their very serious rant being surrounded by giggly discussions of unrelated things.
Quote towers also usually mean a one-on-one discussion is taking place, which has always been discouraged here. A couple quotes is fine, but if you have to go over 3 (with no opportunity for anyone else to reply), that's a good sign that you need to take it elsewhere. Like we've always said: a quick quoted reply in Minor Rants to say "I'm sorry that happened" or give advice is great, but please don't hold a full-blown conversation there.

Spamming: This is a difficult one to address, because like I said, we've never had strict rules about spamming. HOWEVER, we can and will delete posts that are the equivalent of a "like" on Facebook--like just an emoticon, or a post that just says "+1 cookie". This isn't an epidemic by itself, but lately its been paired with the endless quote towers.
Time between posts also plays a part. Please do not sit there and wait for someone else to post JUST so you can post again. We know this accidentally happens; but we're also aware that people have been purposely doing it. We've gotten complaints about this as well, again particularly in the Anger Management board. Nobody likes to see their upsetting, personal rant just being used as a tool so someone else can post again. Please show a little respect, especially in boards like those.


Whew, I think that's it! I apologize for such a long post, so THANK you if you read it all. (And feel free to ask me for a simpler version  :fox-:P: ) These aren't new policies, simply a reminder. Again, nobody's in trouble and we're not pinpointing anyone, we're just asking the whole community to reduce these behaviors. It will make everyone happier in the long run  :lion:

And, as always, feel free to contact any of the staff if you have any concerns or questions <3
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