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Sword Art Online (anime)
« on: May 26, 2014, 11:46:05 pm »
Wow. Talk about the anime that people either hate to the core or love with all their heart. 

Taking place in the year 2022, a virtual reality game called Sword Art Online is released to the public, and thousands of people end up becoming trapped in this prison, two of them beta tester Kirito, and badass love interest Asuna. And to make the rules simple, if you beat the game, you live, if you lose all your HP in SAO, you die in real life.

I'm just gonna put it out and say I love this anime, hell it's probably one of my Top 5 easily. I do understand that people don't like this anime mainly because of it's pacing and it's character development. The first one I agree with because, in my opinion, if they wanted to make this extraordinary, they should have had the 1st season of SAO take place in...well, SAO, and have the upcoming season 2 take place in Alfheim instead of part 2 of season 1. It would have made WAY better character development and pacing.

Speaking of which, I will say that people are really nitpicking with the main characters and their flaws (or hell, Kirito's supposed flawlessness) It's just an anime, and a really decent one.

Now I'm gonna talk about the good stuff. The animation in this is just incredible, I mean it's like Avatar: The Last Airbender territory. I don't know who did it, but give 'em an award. The characters in this are also likeable; Kirito is a nice tough guy while Asura has her badass moments. Everything else is very decent, from the villains (who are very lunatic BTW), the chemistry between our main characters, the story, I just love it. :fox-:):

In my opinion, I consider Sword Art Online to be a 9/10, despite it's flaws. :lol-fox:
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Re: Sword Art Online (anime)
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2014, 12:05:07 am »
Best anime eva.
Nuff said

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Re: Sword Art Online (anime)
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2014, 12:13:22 am »

I only really liked the first story arc. And even then, I had a lot of issues with it. For one, I disliked the whole "every-girl-falls-in-love-with-the-main-character" thing going on. They didn't even really expand on most of them, they just kind of had the characters in a couple of episodes and then didn't even bring them back out until the end of the season. They were half-assed, static characters who's main purpose was to make Kirito seem like this supposed irresistible dude who every girl who got close to him fell hopelessly in love with.

And yes, I also had a problem with the pacing. Things seemed like they were going by way too fast most of the time, and I really think they could have expanded a lot more on the things going on in SAO rather than jumping ahead so far a lot of the times. There was potentially a ton more room for character development.

I really disliked the second story arc in Elfheim for a multitude of reasons. Lets start with the fact that they removed one of the key aspects that made SAO so much more intense and emotionally investing: the fact that if you died in the game, you died in real life. In Elfheim, nobody actually loses anything susbstantial when they die, they just get a penalty. And that isn't even a problem for Kirito because all of his freaking stats carried over to Elfheim Online from SAO, so he's even an OP player who can wipe the floor with other players without hardly even lifting a finger.

I also had a problem with the supposed fanservice (i.e. his sister minus clothes a couple of times, an almost tentacle rape scene). It was just really unnecessary and added nothing to the story. They were things the story could have done very easily without while not hindering story progression at all.

Negative stuff aside, I did enjoy a good part of SAO. I obviously really enjoyed the first story arc that takes place in SAO, and I became enthralled by the story pretty early on. While Kirito himself isn't a very unique character or a character with any particular strong traits that would help him stand out from all the other anime Gary Stues (which is sad for a main character but unfortunately happens all too often), he does have one or two good traits, one being his determindeness and devotion to those he cares about. And it isn't presented in all too flashy and over exaggerated way. It remains a kind of subtle trait that's constantly prevalent without being forced down your throat.

Asuna was an excellent character in development because of her different facets when dealing with different situations. Also, she changes a lot over the course of the story, but doesn't completely morph into a completely different character by the end of everything; she remains a recognizable character throughout while still being able to grow and change.

All in all, I'd give the show about a 6/10. Though, for the first story arc, I'd give it a 7.7/10 and the second would get a 5/10 from me.
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Re: Sword Art Online (anime)
« Reply #3 on: May 27, 2014, 07:04:09 am »
Warning: Spoilers

Sword art Online is a good anime the first time you watch it through. Anyone whos has watched through the anime a second time will tell you that the story line is cheesy as hell (why i refuse to rewatch it). The idea of being stuck in a game was a very good idea from the start, and the story in Aincrad was one of the parts i liked about the anime. However, i felt that the story was rushed and took a sudden turn near the end of that arc especially with the reveal of who was the GM. I swear they could have dragged it out for longer and it could have been better.

The ALO arc really didn't sit with me well. Besides me yelling at the screen "CMON ITS SO DAMN OBVIOUS WHO YOU TWO ARE" the plot didn't have the shine as it did in Aincrad, and i really didnt understand the kidnapping of Asuna until a bit later in the story and have that same feeling as before.


I'm having high expectations for the GGO Arc for the beginning of season 2. Though I feel by this point they may be stretching the plot a bit too thin (ending it in Aincrad would have saved us so much) GGO is one of my favorite arcs from the light novels, and they make it seem super interesting.

The Alicization arc after that is where i really just dont understand. its like they are trying to get the life in ancraid back... but doing a terrible job at it? I dunno, its very confusing, and its only leading to the fact that the whole SAO arc is actually a prequel to Accel World
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Re: Sword Art Online (anime)
« Reply #4 on: May 27, 2014, 10:09:38 am »
I enjoyed the action scenes thoroughly, I've heard people even describe them as revolutionary.Personally watching the anime, I think it looks stunning. Animation gets a 9/10 from me.
           However, the plot can be very cliche. And don't give me that "they're in a video game and therefore it is is original" because 1)this isn't the first time I've seen that theme and 2) not even good premise can save a bad plot. [ I realize that the Black Cat Guild was suppose to create tragedy when they all died, however all they really felt like was canon fodder. ] At times the plot felt forced, and this screamed 'harem' so much it wasn't even funny. I mean seriously Kirito has around 5 girls [ including his sister that are all interested in him. Sometimes, it even feels the many romantic subplots (which try to feel open ended but generally end up feeling unfinished) become more prevalent then the main plot, which seems virtually invisible at times. The plot gets a 4/10.
 Now the characters. I have only one word: generic at best. And I'm going to dissect them.
Kirito: A character who tries to be angsty but just feels bland. Perfect isn't the right word. ........ Ah, Yes! The word I'm looking for is inconsistent. At the start of the anime, he does something very cunning and sly. I thought it was the makings of a refreshing main character because to many protagonists are the moral pillar of the story. However, Kirito disappointment to  me in nearly ever way. He became bland and very overpowered.
Azusa: Literally the most fitting of the title Hero's Girlfriend. I would make that a spoiler but it is literally so predictable, straight from the get-go. Let see what she can do. She's pretty bad-ass, she can cook, and, oh wait, that's it. Like Kirito, in the first few episodes she had a bright future ahead, having a shy personality. Then, she got aggresive, and then, submissive. Not in a naturall flow in way, but instead, whenever she isn't in a few episodes straight her personality  change.
Yuni: As soon as Yuni showed up I internally groaned and cringed simultaneosly. [Almost as much as when Azusa and Kirito got married. ] Yuni is an artificial intelligence with the form of a little girl. Just clearing that up. The only thing she did was make everything boring. And she never. Ever. Goes. Away. Not even in the utter pile of ass that is Alfheim. I felt no emotion towards her because again, Mary-Sue, submissive child addition. Why are all the females in this anime submissive, aside from the blacksmith.
Klein: the only character I actually liked. I believe that after the first few episode(aka the point before it all went down the drain) he had a pretty big role. However, he is not a girl so they kicked his ass off the main character bus and he became a samurai or something. Sometimes I think Kirito is only the main character so he can have love interests.
Characters get a 1/10, but only because of Klein. Otherwise they would have gotten 0/10

Art: 9/10
Characters: a generous 1/10
Total: 6/10
*Bonus* Alfheim: -8193183`904`24974`03/10 Literally one of the worst things I have ever seen, an I've seen "Birdemic: Shock and Terror.

EDIT: I don't think I stressed this enough or even at all, but the action and animation in this show are some of the beautiful I've ever seen.
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Re: Sword Art Online (anime)
« Reply #5 on: May 27, 2014, 10:23:43 am »
Yeah those are some very good points, but I still do enjoy the anime. It's kid of a guilty pleasure; I mean it's far from te worst *cough, cough* KissXsis *cough, cough* but I still think it could have been much better.

However, you CANNOT deny that the way the series shows you can actually die in SAO is done and portrayed perfectly (at least in the first arc). I nearly cried at the scenes when characters died! :sad-fox:
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Re: Sword Art Online (anime)
« Reply #6 on: May 27, 2014, 09:38:03 pm »
Yah I enjoyed it, but I wish they didn't copy the Matrix, I mean such hard core copying.
Matrix: virtual reality, if I you die in matrix you die IRL, hero dies and come back to life out of pure willpower.
SAO: virtual reality, if you die in SAO you die IRL, hero dies and comes back to life out of pure willpower.
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