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Exam (2009)
« on: June 08, 2014, 07:33:21 pm »
I just watched this movie, and i thought i'd give it a review. There will be no spoilers (or as much as i can limit) in this entire review, because its a quite interesting movie

Plot: 8 candidates are fully dressed up for what they think to be an final test for a lucrative job offer. They all arrive in a room with 8 desks and chairs, as well as a single sheet of paper with "CANDIDATE " and a number written on it and a pencil. The proctor explains the contents of the exam, 80 minutes for one question and the rules (do not talk to the proctor or guard at the door, do not spoil the paper, and do not leave the room). The exam begins, but all the candidates realize that the backside of their paper is completely empty and they dont even know what the question is.

Review: I liked the movie quite a bit. Its completely shot in one room, which makes it quite impressive itself. As the movie goes on, the plot does start to heat up a bit, and the tension does rise. I found it however not able to captivate me like Battle Royale, stories where human lives are on the line, but it does showcase some interesting aspects of human nature. It was pretty good for the content, and the ending was truly a one of a kind.

Final score: 4/5
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