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Black Bullet (Attack on Titan with bugs!)
« on: July 04, 2014, 04:34:50 pm »
Well as you can tell by the title of this I kinda spotted a few similarities with the rather popular Anime about giant people, though that's not to say its bad! Or even a rip off for that matter! But I will leave my opinion for the end, first and fore most I should set up how I was going into the Anime.

I actually read a bit of the Manga a long while ago, and found it rather enjoyable until a specific part. The part where the Loli's came, now if you know me I'm not that much a fan of fan service especially if its under-age. So I looked at the genre's on the Manga website for this particular book. It listed Action, Horror, Suspense, Harem... Now I almost despise every Harem Anime I have ever seen. So when a friend of mine told me he was watching the Anime as it came out I told him my past experience with it.

He kept telling me it was good so I checked it out. So lets break it down into category's so you can best form your own opinion before I give mine.

So? What's this whole thing about, well.. Much like Attack on Titan, humanity was brought to the brink of extinction, by the Gastrea Virus. Now what is the Gastrea Virus you might ask? Is it some kind of infect that has a 100% kill rate in those infected? Uhh... No, its a virus that once your infected your body begins to change, and begins to corrode (Their term not mine!) and when a person reaches 50% corrosion they go through a violent metamorphosis that changes them into Gastrea.

Gastrea resemble ordinary pests you would see? Such as spiders, snakes, rats, and sometimes woodland animals. But on a massive scale. These creatures in terms of intimidation are rather horrifying, they can't be killed by normal lead bullets, and any form of damage heals almost instantly. Any form of fluid transfer can spread the virus, so how do you kill them? Easy! A Deus Ex Mineral! Varanium, which is the only metal able to kill Gastrea, well.. If you explode them to nothing they will die but Varanium keeps them from regenerating.

Who can use these bullets? People who have gained the title of Civil Officer, which is a process not given in the show. These Civil Officers are teamed up with what is called an Initiator, and initiator is... Its a young girl (Yes a Loli...) These girls are known as the Cursed Children. They are beings known to contain the same blood as a Gastrea (Though at a lower dosage to not be spidery... Cuz you know.. That would suck.. A lot)

Now I know what your thinking (Actually probably not, but I like to talk.. Makes me feel important) "Why are Initiators always girls?" That's a mystery in the show, all Cursed Children are born girls. (It isn't really touched upon that much.. Probably had a deep seeded fear of being called out.)

An interesting thing of note is the politics of the world, It is divided into different area's protected by giant stone monoliths made from Varanium (Oh gee... Might as well call it Wall Maria) That some how keeps the titans... I mean Gastrea away. So yeah the politics of the show are oddly interesting. I mean they go a little in depth with, after the Gastrea are gone? What country will be on top? There are assassination attempts and it just interested me..

When all is said and done, what do I think of the plot?
I liked it! It was nice, though some parts are a bit... Dumb, though it does do well as an above average Shonen Anime plot.

Lets start it of simple, and then get more complex, are the character's in the show any good? And my straight forward blunt answer would be No. About 60% of the character's don't get much development other then "I knew him from a while ago! He's a cool guy." That being said for the other 40%, is it good? And I am going to say yes.

Lets start with the main character Rentaro, he is a brash bold and rather callous 23 year old who has a rather interesting back story, consisting of many different losses. Though his character is not bound by these, he shows growth throughout the story, and towards the hand he has a rather shocking realization.. (I don't want to spoil it but it was actually rather touching and raised an excellent argument towards if it is right to not let death bother you) Though I would put him just slightly higher then your average Shonen hero due to his morels.

Next lets cover his Partner, Enju, she is a 10 year old girl who is one of the Cursed children. She is Rentaro's initiator, and is one of the more.. Awkward characters of the show. Though she is one of the best developed. She is a Loli yes,  but if you look past that, and the constant fact that she hits on the main character (who did I mention was 23?) you can see something rather touching.

Now for my favourite character... Hiruko, this guy is probably one of the coolest damn character I have seen ever. Just look at him? Marvel at that character design, when he shows up you don't know what's going to happen... He is incredibly dangerous and shows a particular interest in the main character.

So all together I would rate the characters as a whole..
The few that I liked, didn't keep the mediocrity of the others down..

The animation in this show is good, and at some points is rather gorgeous (Mostly in the fight scenes.) Though all is not roses and loli-pops (Word play!) This Anime tried its hand in C-G animation to see if it would work and does it? Kinda, not really.. Here's a little thing I find, C-D and regular animation do not mix well more often then not. Though with one positive note on this, the Gastrea are the ones animated with C-D and it gives them an almost other worldly appearance and in turn makes them seem more monstrous.

Though the Animation is bogged down by the C-G some times.
It is really pretty..

The style of this show is a mixed bag, you see the majority of the characters a a bit generic looking. Though its not too bad, the characters that stick out do make up for it more or less.
(I'm looking at you Hiruko!) Though I did notice something with the shoulders of the characters, its odd but for the majority of the character's that wear long sleeved shirts, their shoulders are pointer.. I kinda like the design choice but its a bit odd?

So the Style gets a solide
Not to bad with some things sticking out but the majority is generic.

Fan Service
It is a little bad with all the Loli's, though it isn't to bad. The Manga was much worse, none the less those who have an aversion to perversion (More Word Play!) might want to be a little cautious, though it isn't to bad.

So it gets a passing
(The higher the better)

Its just sorta meh in my mind, its got your standard sad songs for sad moments, your action songs for your action segments, though what did stick out for me was the few chanting God Choirs.. Now an easy way to win me over is a God Choir.. And guess who they sing for.. Hiruko of course!

A meh sound gets a meh mark (With a little boost from the cool guy)

My Opinion
Now for my personal opinion. I went into this show with the mindset expecting constant fan service and your typical Shonen action-fest. I got a more then I expected! Thought the Anime is not perfect.. It has its flaws.. Its Major MAJOR flaws.. I found it interesting, I just gravitated to it and with the voice talents of Yuki Kaji (Guy who played Eren Yaeger in the sub of A-O-T) playing the main character here it wasn't hard. I would recommend it but put your Loli filters on 11... There are a lot...

And for the final score...
I would watch it!
If not for me... Do it for Hiruko!