Author Topic: Book review: Iris & Ruby by Rosie Thomas  (Read 537 times)

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Book review: Iris & Ruby by Rosie Thomas
« on: July 15, 2014, 04:08:58 am »
I have never read a Rosie Thomas book before, but this novel was so good that I'm going to buy more from the author.

Iris and Ruby is a spectacular romantic read about a doomed epic love that shaped a woman's life so profoundly that even nearing death she clings to her memories of a bygone time and the life that should have been - telling her stories to her granddaughter, who absorbs them with a quiet fascination - the bond between them slowly growing to the heartbreaking end.

Iris's story is told to her granddaughter who goes to Cairo looking for the grandmother she never knew, and finds a mesmerizing history that explains a lot about who she is and the family she has come from. I absolutely loved this book. I can't tell you how much. Towards the end, I was crying.

Rosie Thomas is a truly gifted storyteller who weaves a description of wartime and modern day Cairo that unfolds colourfully before the reader's eyes. Interestingly, the book is told in the first and in the third person, switching often between the two. In literature this is rarely achieved successfully, yet the craft of Rosie Thomas' writing is captivating, because she is such a skilled storyteller. By the time I was reaching the end, I was getting disappointed. Because there are some books that are good, but leave little impression, and then there are some that we know we will never forget - and Iris & Ruby was one of them.