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Forza Motorsport 5 Review
« on: July 25, 2014, 11:41:57 pm »
As of yesterday I have an Xbox One and it came with Forza 5.

I have played for about an hour and I guess I will review what I have seen.

First off is presentation.
Much like FM4 did, you start with an intro with Jeremy Clarkson narrating stuff about the passion of cars and then gets to describing the game.

Then you are given a race to teach you controls. This time the car is a McLaren P1 and much like FM4, they force you to drive with all the assists on which to me, big gripe because I hate feeling like the game is driving for me. However this is only for the first race.

Afterward they give you a choice of your first car. The list is much better than FM4 did with having 3 options of microcars that nobody would want to race. This time you actually have many more options which are actual sports cars. However then when you pick one it get slightly confusing, they show you a bunch of skins people made for the car from the cloud and ask you to pick one, if you are like me, I don't like to do that but the way around is to press Y and pick the car's own stock colors. They will do this for every car you buy. However they also automatically tune it to the max of C class, and with most quick upgrades in the game, do a horrible job. I picked an Audi RS3 Sportback and due to the way the forced quick upgrade tuned it. Became the most understeery vehicle I have ever experienced and I hated it. Always try to upgrade yourself, when you buy a new car from the league menu it will do the same often making cars seem expensive (because they charge you the upgrade cost in the purchase.) Always go into a league menu to SEE what cars and class is allowed then back out and buy it from the garage instead then upgrade and tune yourself. The league menu doesn't even give the option to buy the car stock which is dumb.

Once you pick your vehicle, you start doing actual races which you can then turn off assists and such. The first three are what will start building up you drivatar, which is basically what all the AI opponents in the game are. The drivatar feature takes how you drive in the game and makes it so the AI opponents drive similar to an actual player. Now at first a lot of people complained how dirty and cheaty the Ai became in the game because of this. However from what I have noticed, yes the typical drivatar is now more aggressive but not actually out to get you, racing is still enjoyable and you don't need to worry too much about being rammed or spun out by an AI as much as in other games, in fact, I have less incidents than when the old AI are "follow the racing line no matter what".

The menu may take a while to get used to but the game has indeed improved a lot.
DLC you buy now give you one of each car in the DLC pack for free instead of just unlocking them for purchase with game money which was quite a pain in FM4.

The game handling models have also changed, however I actually like it but I won't review this part as I have yet to drive many of the different cars.

The way the career works is now reminiscent of the GRID games where you go into different leagues and drive different types of cars. Unlike GRID you still have to get your own cars. Not sure whether I like this yet but it should be fine.

UPDATES: Now with some more playtime I am starting to see the flaws with the drivatars.
Well first off is drivatars, well this is particular for the daredevil ones. One of my friend's drivatars is just crazy and overpowered with their overtaking style of diving down the inside line as I, or another AI is taking the turn. This is something rarely attempted in a real life racing situation due to the incredible danger and risk of it. However due to Forza's Drivatars, my friend's does this at nearly EVERY corner leading to either 1. They get obscenely far ahead or 2. They take out another car along with running off the course themselves. Both cases seem to happen equally and it leads to annoying gameplay experience. While the Drivatars do make races more interesting and the AI a little less boring. Turn 10 needs to tone it down a lot because it seems the winning solution is to be an arse of a driver and that as a chain event makes your own drivatar become the crazy bastard with a deathwish type of driver leading to other players resorting to it.

Driving with controllers definitely requires you to go yourself to the settings and adjust the steering, acceleration, and decceleration deadzones. The default settings for those are just horrible and make the gameplay a lot worse.

More updates with quite a few hours clocked now.

The "rewind" assist is now enabled permanently however it only deducts bonus if you use it and calculates the deduction by how many times you use it in a race. Normally I would be fine with this. HOWEVER due to the nature of the drivatars it often forces you to use it an obscene amount of times if you wish to win or even just try to have a clean race (which is near impossible) it appears to cap at -25% payout at least. Continuing with the complaint from FM4 about rewind not letting you decide what point to rewind to which games like DIRT did. It still is annoying in FM5 but they appear to have fixed the bugs in FM4 that actually broke the feature all together (rewind not working halfway through lap on certain points, and then when it works it rewinds and entire lap) but this is likely to balance the fact you can use it as many times as you want unlike DIRT which gave you 5 per race. If FM5 gave you a limit set it would definitely kill the game a lot more due to the drivatars again.
Music volumes need more options as the only volume slider is the master volume and the only other options are on/off in race music and in menu music. Menu music by default I think is too loud but I can't lower it without turning it off while race music is near useless as I can never hear it over the cars.

There is also an audio bug that came with the recent Nurburgring patch which causes the speakers to play static under certain circumstances which fools a lot of people thinking their speakers/headset is dying when it isn't. This seems to be tied with another audio bug that loops certain sounds a bit too long (like scraping a wall or the worst case, engine noises which throws off my shifting). This seems to occur more common and intensely when there are more cars around your car so on small tight courses the static is incredibly annoying. So far the only fix appears to be to power cycle the console and it doesn't always work nor is a permanent fix.

Car customization, improved in virtually every way. Special paint color choices now allow matte paint with color of your choice, along with the matte chameleon as well. More options appear to be colored chrome paint and then carbon fiber "paint". All these paint choices also work on the wheels including the carbon fiber paint. The ability to carbon fiber paint basically has made my car customization style a lot easier. They also have special paints in camo and test mule/prototype camouflage you see manufactures using often on their unreleased vehicles. They have also added various types of chrome and gold plating style paint for those that like it, although I personally just use them on the wheels of select cars. And for jokes they added steel plate paintjob and wooden paintjobs.
I do like the way upgrading brakes now indeed changes the way they appear on the car now.

Autovista makes a return with less detail than in FM4 but basically every car you can own in the game has an autovista. There are narrated descriptions for most of them however I think a few may have been generic copy/pastes from other cars.

Now for more updates.
Autovista narrated descriptions are actually recycled a lot mostly as a generic one for the car manufactuer as a whole with special ones for certain models. Some cars Autovistas lack the ability to open the hood/bonnet of a car or the trunk/boot which is a bit annoying. Upgrades to the engine don't seem to change how the engine looks but that may be asking too much from the game. Also a bit of a nitpick, but the racing roll cage upgrade is unrealistic because really it's a partial roll cage as it does not cover the bottom part of the side. (yes I know this from real experience nearly all levels of car racing require FULL roll cages.)  Anyway another nitpick is apparently starting the car in autovista and revving it does not factor a sound changed caused by upgrades. Noticed this when a car I added a turbo on sounded stock when in autovista despite having a prominent turbo sound when driving it. Not entirely sure if they would factor sound changes from exhaust upgrades or engine swaps but it's pretty disappointing since they have the materials for it unlike the case with personalized narration for every car and being able to open the hood/bonnet and trunk/boot. However more upgrading brakes now actually shows a change in the brakes themselves externally.

As for racing, With some practice and the right car I can win races without rewinds and still able to keep the car relatively undamaged. Along with not needing to push and shove your way from the back in order to get in the podium positions before the race ends (the lack of pre-race qualifying is still annoying in Gran Turismo 6 while Forza lacks it in general, Forza somewhat remedied this with giving all podium positions a gold medal and full payout instead of forcing you to get first place) However a fully clean race has yet to happen. Thos throws a bit of a wrench in taking photos during a race because the car usually has scratches to parts, missing or hanging off. A nice detail they added though was the car getting dirty as the race progresses with bits of black specks which are basically usually dead bugs or bits of asphalt and rubber from tires.
Tunnels on tracks are being a problem particularly the one on the Swiss Alps track due to it being pitch black but has a bit of a turn. Most of the fault is in the Xbox One only giving a guide to "format tv" for the console requiring you to change the TV's own brightness, color, aspect ratio, and such instead of the console doing it like it should. Not much of an issue for those using only the xbox but bad for me because making settings for xbox work screws everything else up. Actually the tv currently seems to fit what the guide says anyway so its also a major fault for FM5. This is also because they are too lazy to even bother trying to add any form of unnatural lighting from lamps or the car's lights due to the lack of night racing. But its painfully obvious in the Swiss Alps track tunnel where you see while halogen tube lights lining the tunnel roof but not emitting light as well as opponent brake lights not emitting any, but lighting up when they brake. Headlights don't even turn on so they are useless. I don't see why they don't even bother adding the last gen lights from Forza Horizon, it's better than nothing. Although FH tunnels in day time sucked for the very same reason but because you couldn't control when the headlights are on.

On other notes:
Every league has a narrative talking about the cars in it done by the Top Gear presenters and actually are pretty amusing. There is an error in one where James May talks about a 2007 Shelby GT500 while the game showcased the 2013 model instead of the 07 model like it should. A few of them may be a bit offensive in typical Top Gear fashion (but seriously don't take Top Gear seriously or you will have a bad time)

Now I am not sure why I never mentioned this earlier but they have also changed how manufacturer affinities work. In FM4 the more you drove a car the more affinity you earned for it's manufacturer which granted discounts on upgrading those cars making all upgrades except conversions and aerodynamic upgrades free at affinity level 4. This led to not much reason to level past that other than a very minimal bonus of credits (5k at level 5 to 35k at some higher levels) along with some special badges and titles.
In FM5 they have changed it so when you level up a manufacturer affinity they give you a percentage bonus to race winnings when driving a car from their manufacturer. I am not sure if this caps out at the time but it sure keeps increasing farther than level 4 and does not reach level 4 in a few races like it did in FM4. I think this is better for the long run as tuning doesn't cost too much anyway. Driver levelling rewards have changed as well. FM4 would give you a free car you picked from a selection you leveled up which was useful to progress but stopped at around level 50? (don't quite remember passsdd he point years ago) but by then the level up cars gave you enough to progress the entire career with anyway (LMP1 cars being the ultimate in FM4) then after that gave huge credit bonuses that end at level 150 (I am level 153 on FM4). While FM5 removed the reward cars and now seem to give a fixed rate of 35k but this may go up later as I am only level 12 or so. Not necessarily better for this part to be honest but FM4 was pretty easy. Leveling is much slower now in FM5 and if you want the ultimate (Now actually a Lotus F1 car and Indy Cars) cars you are going to have to earn them or buy them with tokens(no not pay 2 win, anyone saying that does not know the game) However it really shouldn't be too hard to earn with enough effort. 

However even if the game isn't pay to win there is still some obvious cash grabs with he lack of base game content that SHOULD be there but isn't because Turn10 keeps leaving them out and releasing them in DLC packs with a few new cars that never were in the game before but mostly are filled with cars that have been in the older games and have no legitimate excuse to be missing. *cough* atm personally, Koenigsegg CCX, CCXR, CC8S, Pagani Zonda R, Zonda C12, Mazda RX-7 Spirit R, RX-7 FC, Toyota Supra MK3, Most of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions, Most of the Subaru Impreza WRX STIs, and many other cars.
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