Author Topic: As (As I Lay Dying) Dies, Wovenwar begins (Wovenwar Self-titled Review)  (Read 475 times)

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I am writing this review while listening to this album, however from what I can tell it is just essentially As I Lay Dying with a new vocalist. Honestly it really is, with only Tim Lambesis and one other member left in As I Lay Dying.

Wovenwar starts off the album with their intro named Foreword, leading me to believe the album is to have great song composition, which it does. It immediately goes into the next song, All Rise, with amazing vocals and your usual As I Lay Dying instrumentals to jam to, the only problem most people seem to have is how this vocalist doesn't scream. I don't see this as a huge problem, since I thought Tim's vocals, (His screams that is,) were getting old and worn out.

The next two songs stay similar, technical intro, verse, chorus, solo maybe, etc. Although they keep it so that they don't sound completely alike which is what this band is using to stay ahead from the start.

Honestly the rest of the album is similar, yet original and tasteful enough for one to love listening to this album a few times over, to some it will seem like they rushed it and they're just using rinse repeat cycles to create the next song. I recommend to listen to this album if you were a former fan of AILD.

Rate: 3.0/5
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