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Rate the last TV show you watched!

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It can be the specific episode or the series in general but please specify which episode if your rating a specific one

For me it was Lost Girl and I give the series 10/10
I love this show, most Canadian tv sucks but this ones really good. It's funny, sexy, has great characters, and my favourite movie/tv couple Doccubus! :lol-fox:

Imma rate two, the Pilots to Forever and Red Band Society.

Forever gets a solid 9.9/10

The story is really good and original, it's about someone who whenever he dies, he wakes up in water naked, and how he is searching to find answers for this ability. It's interesting, but repetitive.

Red Band Society, 9.5 / 10

Same thing as Forever, it is really great. It sets place in a Hospital and follows the teens that are essentially residents there. My only issue is how many of the characters are predictable from just the first episode. Aside from one but I will let you figure out who it is.  :fox-:P:

Anyways, I hella recommend both of these shows once they premier in September!

Tokyo Ghoul, specifically episode 1.
I give this a 8/10 so far. It's quite an interesting premise, but it's also very bloody and macabre, involving what's essentially cannibalism and a derped-up organ transplant. Because there's human-like monsters who eat people, and some eat more than they need.
Not for the faint of heart, but I recommend seeing where this anime will go.

Merlin 10/10
I love this show, it's tied with lost girl to be my favourite show, I love the Arthurian legends especially ones with Morgan le Fay (Morgana) in them.

Top Gear on BBC America. I like this show a lot because of the silly things they get into while testing out cars. Some of the challenges can be really entertaining to watch.
I give it a 9/10


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